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  1. I agree the questions are not equivalent. "Which concertina is best" relates more to "Should I buy a sportscar, sedan or truck?" The answer to both these questions start with "what do you want to do with it?" and is a fact based request for information.


    "What is folk music?" is more philosophical and I agree with Louis Armstrong.

  2. As far as I know one has to list all prior art on the patent and trademark application. "Squeezebox" and "duet" is prior art for instruments, but probably not for use on any electronic music playing device. One must read the trademark certificate to see exactly what is covered and if anyone has access to that knowledge it will be very helpfull. My guess is that you must still be able to use those names for things other than electronic music players. "Band aid" might be reserved for wound dressings but allowable on a device for musicians in a band setting.


    I wonder if one could challenge the trademark? Anyone a lawyer?

  3. I posted the clip of Percy Honri because of my admiration for him and his instrument. It was never intended to represent Boer music nor folk culture since the movie is British. However, there is more to Boer music than 20-button german anglos. They are in fact played by a small minority in yet another different style. Most concertina models are used and you can read more on www.boeremusiek.org.za.


    Please accept my appologies for the insensitive remarks.

  4. In this:

    a poor man appears to play expencive large duet with distinctive Honky reeds in place of cheap Schooler 20 button.

    I guess they just wondered with the camera in some pub, found that poor man with his Duet, and made some footage.




    Please take the time and read the full video description. It is the great Percy Honri, starring in the 1934 movie "Lily of Killarney"

  5. I found a copy of the 1934 movie Lily of Killarney and posted Percy's performance here:


    Hi Sean,


    I see that Baynham Honri (Percy's son-in-law) and Peter Honri's father, is also in the credits, but can't quite see for what.





    There is mention of Baynham in "Working the halls" as film and television consultant. There are pictures of him operating a radio transmitter for the first broadcast from a moving train, operating a camera on R.M.S. Berengaria and as President of the British Kinematograph Society. It looks like he was more on the production side than the performance side.

  6. I found a copy of the 1934 movie Lily of Killarney and posted Percy's performance here:



    Pity he plays in between the dialog. He does have a cute moustache and I did not know he also sang. Does anybody have the software to clean up the audio and video a bit?


    I have Peter Honri's book "Working the halls" and found an interesting reference to his three successful tours in South Africa in the 1930's. He also made a recording in Afrikaans. I would appreciate any additional information about Percy Honri that anyone can contribute.




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