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  1. This item has sold on ebay. Thanks for allowing me to post it here for your consideration. I'll convey all of your kind greetings to my mother next time I see her.
  2. No offense, but I think you two are over-thinking this. Let's just say it has great sentimental value to me. But you haven't played it since you got it 4 years ago?? Puzzling. True that..
  3. Lesson learned. I'll leave this for a few days and if you all aren't interested, I'll take it down.
  4. The layout is Jefferies. The initial comment I made was because I don't have a track record with any of you and I was trying to say that since I am a public figure, perhap you would feel somewhat safe in dealing with me (moreso than if I said I was holed up in the basement living with my mother). The condition of the concertina is excellent, and I was trying to say that I am not misrepresenting anything. I deal a lot with contracts, and when I'm lost for something to say I occasionally--and without warning--suddenly launch into legaleeze. Sorry about that. The Tedrow is gorgeous, plays great, and it's hard for me to sell it.
  5. I haven't posted on this forum before, but I am a public figure and the item I have for sale is in the condition stated. I have for sale a 2004 Tedrow C/G 30 button Anglo concertina in like-new condition. I visited Bob Tedrow's shop in November 2004 and watched as he finished up the tuning and assembly of this incredible instrument, and I bought it from him on the spot. That visit meant the world to me at a time when I needed such an experience. I'll never forget his hospitality and patience. I've never played it since, and I feel it should belong to someone who will. It's been safely tucked in it's softside tote and monster armored carrying case in our home office. I've inspected it and the bellows are a stunning forest green and tight. All the buttons and reeds work and sound just like the day I bought it. There's not a nick or blemish that I can see. The sound is full, and the touch on the buttons is very easy. The serial number is handwritten inside and says "2004 #4." It has 6 bellows and measures 6-1/2 inches across the flats. I have high resolution photos of it. I'm attached some images. I live in the Gainesville, Florida area, and am willing to show it to anyone seriously interested in purchasing it, or to anyone they care to send to inspect it if need be. I ask $1,800 for the concertina plus $25 shipping/insurance CONUS and 3% if you wish to use PayPal. If you care to speak to me, email your contact info and I'd be happy to do so. Thanks for considering this.
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