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    Hopkinton, NH, USA. Sold the house in Kilshanny, Co Clare.

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  1. You should get in touch with Robert Tedrow, on Facebook, or at Homewood Music. I believe that he has new thumbscrews available, with the receivers. They look the same as vintage but with the advantage of coming with the appropriate receivers to inset in the wood frame.
  2. Sean- Private message sent to you....
  3. It is also possible to have a C/G concertina tuned up a half step, to the requested C#/G#. It would preferable to do this on an Anglo concertina with real concertina reeds (steel reeds in a brass frame), rather than re-tune a hybrid concertina (with accordion reeds waxed into place). That said, there is no reason why a hybrid concertina couldn't be tuned up a half-step. I haven't ever done it but it does seem possible.
  4. For years I have used a bag like this, which I much prefer to a hard case. It requires a bit more attention but in every other respect it is fine. Much more useful to carry, in addition to the concertina, such things as keys, wallet, change, phone, and a sandwich. https://www.ebay.ie/itm/403799682209?hash=item5e04562ca1:g:nrcAAOSwn5Bi4OLO&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4JvlDbC5HKcYMpYjcUKIisDtF%2FWztsrb3sWycdXj8HnDVA2xU3ksZndbJeWyyozcLEth85h3sBHl7R1%2Bpq0NS4juThaOCKsGCJdCnNXdrTomRE7yb5PUJlDrZlyNkrRXb%2BsynufjaIKPY8JAptG1ArkmWT402D4OxhcD8Kdi654IvZp24ZOh9u9adN5%2FaaQXyIQmR0aUtUjHDOq2ZDHRqUV1boiQXRuUTRDT778ha0PG9MJPdCBbxx02WMhZca8cR6pxp9d5ArCJ7wvzPcHbO3N87pEkuY7p1ei2paghw3oV|tkp%3ABFBMkIPxpqRi
  5. I would buy a house on a handshake from Bruce McCaskey. Just saying....
  6. I owned the top grade for a while. I did not think it was better than a Dipper, Carroll, Suttner, or a good Jeffries.
  8. Concertina Case. Made by Pelican™ Storm. Waterproof, shockproof, fully lined and fitted. No case is more protective. Like new. Made by Pelican, model 1300 Protector Case, as shown at https://www.pelican.com/us/en/product/cases/protector/1300 Listed at https://www.donedeal.ie/brassandwind-for-sale/concertina-case-pelican-storm-indestrucible/32363050 Internal measurements: 9.5 inches wide, 7.5 inches front to back, 5.25” deep. Holds my old Jeffries perfectly. I have extra padding if necessary. You can sit on this, stand on it, use it for a jack-stand for your car, take it into the shower with you. Neither the contents nor the container will be harmed. It will survive an airplane crash and if lost at sea it will float in the ocean forever. It is in Ireland now. Thanks.... best wishes....
  9. Thanks everybody-- the concertina has been sold, in Ireland .....
  10. Sorry for the delayed response. Yes-- the reeds are Typo A Mano reeds. There are two main types of reeds used these days. Tipo a Mano (TAM), literally hand-made type. These are made by Voci Armoniche (VA) formerly Antonelli/Salpa and are used by Castagnari. Binci Professional are also TAM as are the Cagnoni top grade reeds. TAM reeds are also used in Louisiana made Cajun accordions. The sound of the Claro is on par with the best hybrid concertinas. The volume is very good. It is very responsive and the sound is clear and crisp. The buttons are metal and work well. It is everything you'd want in a concertina. I can play it for someone via Facetime, Whatsapp, or Facebook Messenger. Best wishes, David
  11. I am selling a one-year old Jose Claro C/G Anglo hybrid concertina. Jeffries layout. 31 metal buttons. It is as-new and is in perfect condition. Excellent tuning and a lovely solid tone. It is extremely responsive and can be played quietly or with great volume. Bushed metal buttons work smoothly and quietly, with a much better “feel” than the plastic buttons used on some other concertinas. This concertina has been kept in its case in a pet-free, warm, dry room, and has never been played in a smoky environment. Jose Claro is a respected maker living in Tralee, Co Kerry. He has been making concertinas for nearly 20 years. He makes them one at a time, all by hand, and the craftsmanship is excellent. He is well-known in Ireland but not yet well-known the world over due to his limited production and wait-time. I received this concertina from a good friend and I am passing it on. I'll be happy to send more pictures. I can send it anywhere in Ireland for €15 -- €40 to the USA, €60 to Australia -- and I offer a money-back guarantee if it does not suit. The concertina is much better than you would think based on its very reasonable price. It is great value in a top-quality instrument.
  12. Sorry everybody. Concertina is long gone. Thanks for the interest.
  13. So... somewhere between a possible great bargain and a possible huge disappointment ....
  14. But suppose that you do have something in which someone else is specifically interested. Would it be wrong to send a private message to a potential buyer? For one reason or another, a seller might not want to make the item available on a public forum.
  15. Hi-- I am sure there a lot of interest in a good Dipper concertina. I sent you a private message.
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