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  1. Emma's Waltz. Emma's Waltz played on a Wheatstone Aeola, Sobell mandolin, Santa Cruz guitar and a double bass.
  2. you guys have died and gone to heaven... a free Lachenal???? let t he jockeying begin.
  3. Doesn't appear to increase the value of my instrument like I'd hoped!
  4. thats a LOT of money for an old HOHNER ONE ROW MELODEON IN G....
  5. If all you can scrounge is twenty bucks an you want to simply try out a box, consider getting one of the little button box accordions that can be bought in the toy stores. you'll get ten buttons, twenty notes, (sorta, though some actually sound pretty good amazingly), and the sort of experience of an aglo with different notes on the push and pull. even the cheapest chi-box will be 60-100 bucks plus shipping.
  6. all I can think about when I see these prices is that I'm glad I got my custom built box from Bob in Alabam before he figgered out what they could cost. best of luck to you, sorry you can't keep the old girl.
  7. It's like anything else.. it's worth what it can command.
  8. No you don't REALLY! for one thing all it'll be good for after it frustrates hell out of you is firewood. A few places will RENT you one to mess with, that is a preferable option.
  9. I never met him, but spoke to him the phone a few times... He was always a gentleman, light hearted and kind. We all lose eventually, but only some of us are missed. He is part of that group.
  10. the original price was more than fair.... some folks just don't like al-u-min-ium... hang in there and get it. u.
  11. going to put it in my eBay store at a this price. anybody here wants it I'll end. Unc.
  12. unca

    we don't want to know about the goats I think!


  13. not really, sorry, imiagine it's standard but not sure. Hence price... Was looking on eBay and this seems a very fair price.
  14. Somebody want to check me on that probable date??
  15. berflogged.... cromstood, garsnazzled and weary.

  16. Hi Simon; I just posted a little 20b that comes with a old OLD box that while not strictly speaking leather, would make a great box for the squeeze... and you get a lachenal too! http://www.concertin...showtopic=10640
  17. Hey folks. Some of you older dawgs may remember that I used to be on here quite a bit, ("new member" my ass!)... Life intrudes and after caring for the last of my family I am now dispersing some of my 'projects'... I have my custom Tedrow and a wonderful old 20b Lachenal he redid for me as well, so some of these need to GO! I bought this little 20 button Anglo off eBay for an obscene amount of money several years ago. the bellows need either fix or replace and the valves are shot of course, but what I can hear of the reeds seem OK. Before anybody asks I'll go ahead and say, I NEVER had it apart so I don't know what it looks like inside. For this price I am disinclined to take it apart, sold as is kids. The very antique box I am adding because I simply don't need it and it will make it easier to ship. Flat cost, no dickering please, $145.00 paid paypal, I pay shipping. (in the US only). ($135.00 no box!) This gives you a rebuild-able Lachenal for about one hundred bucks. I imagine some dealer will snap it up to flip. Serial number is 60049 which the formula tells me is about 1864. Unc. Probably Brass Reeded as the stamps do NOT state Steel.
  18. Here near Panama City, Fl USA things are OK.. the Poor Cajuns are getting it though... Unc
  19. Hey. the one I'm parting with at least with SOUND like something when you get it up to snuff.. I've often wondered about a shot of compressed air into the bellows when the button is pushed instead of pulling the buggers open.. wouldn't THAT make a loverly Darth Vader sound.. there was somebody on here years back who CALLED his little box Darth Vader as I remember. anyway.. If you want sometinbg you can actually CAN fix let me know.. I barely get enuf time to try to PLAY much lesss work n these guys. Unc. http://www.concertina.net/buysell_detail.html?rec_id=866
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