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  1. Jim, That sounds like a very good offer for it, in its present condition. Thank you sincerely for all the interest that has been shown in my Concertina and all of the kind words and advice. As of this morning the concertina has been sold and has gone to very good and deserving home. Thank you all; Jim Cheetham
  2. According to the internet, the minimum wage in 1920 was £2/6 shillings & 10½d a week, based on a 50 hour working week. I can't do sums in the old money, but it'd be interesting (for me at least) if one of our older views could work out how many hours someone would have to work to buy a tina for 17 bob. I was not around in the 1920's but I remember in the 1970's earning 2,000 a year which at that time was considered to be a good wage! I have an offer of £1,000 for the concertina 'as is' and if someone tops that it is sold. Jim
  3. Alex - I am in Muir of Fowlis, Alford, Aberdeenshire. It seems from the advice I am getting that it is a model 22. Tel: 01975581388
  4. Jim, That is indeed a 48-key English concertina, and a desirable instrument of good quality at that. However, I think you must have mistyped the serial number as 24805 would have been made around 1909, whereas yours is a "dead ringer" for the ledger description of 28405, which was made around the date you quote. Sorry my mistake, the serial number is 28405! I gather it is a model 22 which I was not aware of. Thanks for the reply. Kind regards; Jim
  5. I am not a concertina player (Scottish Traditional guitar and vocals). We have inherited a Wheatstone Concertina which I believe to be a 48 button English version. It has a serial number 24805 and my bit of research indicates that it was manufactured around the 5th May 1920. All the buttons are working so it looks like the reeds are all intact and although not leaking it looks like the bellow (five fold) might need a bit of work. The tuning appears to be the 'old' key but I am advised that it could be tuned to concert c. It is still complete with its original box and to the best of my belief has not been played for 30 to 40 years, yet it still works. I have some interest in it but, being a novice in this area, I am not sure whether the sort of prices being offered for it 'as is' are reall fair and whether it might be worth my while getting it fully restored before attempting to sell it. Any advice would be gratefully accepted. Kind regards to all; Jim Cheetham jim@plowvent.demon.co.uk 01975581388 Wheatstone_Concertina_28405.doc
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