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  1. I'd like to do Going Home from Dvorak's Ninth on EC. Seems like a nice tune for Concertina, and a good sing in many situations. If anyone has worked-up an arrangement of it, or has advice, that would be a great help. Thanks...Lyle
  2. I am sooo.. happy with MuseScore. I struggled for years trying to get going on Finale, but never could. A little reading, a few tutorials, asking a couple of questions, and I was on my way with MuseScore. I use it for band leadsheets (melody line, chords, lyrics). If I ever have a question that the Handbook, "Mastering MuseScore" (Marc Sabatella), or Google can't answer, posing a question at the forum usually gets answered accurately and quickly. I was so thankful for MuseScore I made a monetary donation to the project. ....Lyle
  3. Mine is a 35 button Wheatstone Crane from 1934. Reconditioned by Greg Jowaisas: pads, valves, tuned, etc. Original (I believe) case. I don't play it, and just haven't gotten around to selling it. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area Anyone can drop me a message if interested in learning more ...Lyle
  4. I've sent you a message...Lyle
  5. When ordering my standard model, I asked Noel for advice. He said to have Wally change the F on button 1-pull to an A. Also the A on button 11-pull got changed to a D. The reasoning was to have a handy A, G, and D on push or pull using your pinky & ring fingers.
  6. Sorry, John. Here are the photos, with better resolution: http://concertina.gumdrop.com/Concertina_Jones26b-1.JPG http://concertina.gumdrop.com/Concertina_Jones26b-1.JPG http://concertina.gumdrop.com/Concertina-Jones26bCase.JPG If you or anyone is interested, I can take and post more photos. Thanks....Lyle
  7. Sure, Ted. If I were to list notes by: finger-pushnote-pullnote the layout would look like this left hand: 3 - C# - D# 2 - A - G 1 - G# - A# right hand: 2 - C# - D# 3 - A - G 4 - G# - A# lowest G-row button: push = G, pull = D
  8. Jones Anglo Concertina with 26 buttons, tuned in C/G. Crafted in 1862. Lovely restoration by renowned concertina specialist Greg Jowaisas, who restored the fretwork, tuned the instrument to standard pitch and replaced all pads, valve and bushings. Steel reeds and 5 fold bellows The bellows ribs and end runs have been re-covered and a new air valve makes the air supply abundant. Comes with new sturdy wooden case. Unlike many 26b concertinas this Jones has button bushings and rivet action arms which makes for smooth and quiet button action. It plays "like butter" and has that warm sound associated with Jones concertinas. See more photos at: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/msg/4578337950.html $1195obo Donation to CNet if sold here. Thanks....Lyle
  9. Peter, those photos are really beautiful. Nice work. You may have mentioned it in a post, but what kind of camera are you using? Kind of an unusual aspect ratio, no? Thanks....Lyle
  10. As I read posts here, I see people mention that the "settings" of a tune are good or bad. What does "settings" mean in this context? I'm guessing it's tempo, maybe chord changes, etc Thanks....Lyle
  11. I'll take a better set of ears, and maybe more time and discipline to practice. ....Lyle
  12. I was pretty happy with my Zoom H2 for several years, even though the user interface was not great and I lost some recordings due to it. This Summer I upgraded to a Zoom H2N and am very happy. Great battery life, easy to read screen, and much improved user interface. Same great recordings. I was hesitant to bother upgrading just to get the "plus" model, but the H2N is really a much improved design. ....Lyle
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