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  1. Hi! I have three Wheatstones for sale: 40 button Anglo, 30 button Anglo and an English.Email me Thanks!
  2. Hi there! I have decided to upload some pictures of the Crabb. Have a look! Regards Basjan
  3. Hi there! I finally managed to send my Crabb to London. I had it on e-bay and concertina.net last year and everybody thought it was a scam. The concertina was made during the 1980's and is in a very good condition. It is a 40 key Anglo. Anyone interested can mail me at: basjan@basjan.co.za Regards Basjan
  4. Hi Guys! I just cancelled the sale of my Crabb on e-bay as I still have not been able to register a reserve price and I feel itchy about the system - especially now that Ben warned me about all the scams. I'll try to add pictures of the inside of the instrument on this site instead. If I can sort out the problem with e-bay I'll list it again (if I do not sell it in the meantime). Regards Basjan
  5. I hate tecnology!!!! I have now tried for two hours to ad pictures to this site and eveytime I receive a time-out error... Well, anyway, I'll try again later. I want to make a few things clear as far as the selling of my Crabb is concerned. Firstly, it is not a scam. I am a proud South African musician (also concertina player) and you can visit my website at Google (type in the name "Basjan" or go to www.basjan.co.za) to learn more about me. As far as the instrument is concerned, the following: Serial number: 18585 Tuned: C/G (like my Wheatstones) Reeds: steel I just saw that Ben Otto posted some of the pictures I sent him - thanks Ben! I must also state that I have a reserve price on this item but for some frustrating reason I cannot succeed in registering it on e-bay. I am in contact with them to sort out this problem. I am at this stage seriously considering cancelling this whole sale as it is clear from the reaction to my e-bay listing that there are a lot of sharks lurking around waiting to hit with a scam... Well, if you need more information, feel free to contact me! Regards Basjan (basjan@basjan.co.za)
  6. Is it this one? http://sanfernando.olx.com/40-key-crabb-an...na-iid-11846202 Azalin That is definitely not my concertina. Have a look under "Accordions and Concertinas". Then type in "Crabb". Mine is the only one listed. Regards Basjan
  7. I put the Crabb up for auction on ebay under: Crabb 40key Anglo Concertina. Have a look!
  8. I own a Crabb 40 button Anglo (as new) as well as a Wheatstone English. I would like to know the value of these instruments. My e-mail address is basjan@basjan.co.za
  9. I have an English Wheatstone (48 button) that I want to sell. It is brown with black and white buttons. The serial number is 35023. How much is it worth?
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