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    Gentlemen, Thank you for this. The trademark is printed on the box lid and is exactly the same as the accordian. Sadly the anglo itself has no unique serial numbers either inside or outside so I won't be able to get much further. One final question though, looking at the inner workings (which are entirely different from my Wheatstone English with sets of 10 reeds riveted on just 3 removalbe reed pans at each end ), some of the notes have leather flaps and others don't. This does seem to affect whether the note is playing properly? Again any ideas why, this seems to defy the laws of physics. Thanks, Phil.
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    Folks, A gent at work has kindly just given me an anglo. It has no markings on it whatsoever but came in what looks like the original box. This had the following written on a label in the lid: "Nur die mit gesetzl geschutzter Swan-Marke eingebrannten Concernas sind die echten. Picture of swan in a circle with HANDELS_FABRIK_MARKE written inside. Only concertinas with the registered Swan Trade-Mark are genuine and originals" Can nayone shed any light on what this might be and its likely age please. The thing seems to play but as an English player, having three rows of buttons on each end seems very strange and none of the notes make the noise I expect! Phil. Roe
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