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    Boats (bigger), beers (craft/real ale only), babes (who do their own thing), boxes (puters, radios and such), buddies (shipmates, near & far), 'brothers' (morris dancing, singing, etc.). Bunch more.
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  1. My goodness, what a most delightful thread. I'm in the throws of deciding to take up a friend's offer to 'hang out' for a musical week some distance north of Arran just before the ACE. That being the case you may add another pretty raw beginner to the roster. Cheers, JD
  2. I know of two on Bainbridge Island, five in the close Seattle area, and of ........................ Bruce --- I live in the Methow Valley, east slope of the Cascades in the town of Twisp. Mostly bluegrassers over this way, gets kind of lonesome, would love to connect with some like minded folks. I started to organize a 'Northwest Squeezefest' some years ago, but circumstances required that I abandon the project, and I have not had the time to make another attempt. Since there are a good sized group here in the Northwest, we should make an attempt to get together, no matter how informally. Cheers.......Forrest <:{!!!!!}:> Bump! Hullo, add another, and another, in Victoria, BC. Rod, who posted earlier in this thread is not able to play, more on that soon, however there are quite a number on the Island (VI). Many play for Morris however one fellow, Eric Oscar is also into Bandoneons and such with a wide range of music. Be neat to see something other than the oft advertised PA (piano accordion) squeeze in. I have several melodeon/button accordion friends who would be interested. I ran across this a while back, a Frappr Map of Concertina players http://www.frappr.com/concertinaplayers I'd say organise something and they will come. Don't really need much space and needn't be fancy. Some folks could meet up at NW Folklife in a few weeks. There's a shanty sing night on both Saturday and Sunday, off-site, as well. http://nwfolklife.org/P_F/festival.html As far as Methow goes, I'm sure Hank Cramer and friend Brian M. would be up for some non-bluegrass stuff, though neither play free reeds. Cheers, John -aka 'JD' in Victoria, BC., awaiting the post.
  3. Hullo Steve, I sent a PM a week ago, post was new, maybe it didn't arrive? Think I asked if it was in C/G and expressed interest in it. Cheers, John
  4. Darn, I thought Reduced 93% referred to the price. Then I realised it was the photo-thumbnail size. [sigh] Nice looking instrument. My mate just received his a few weeks ago, sounds wonderful at dance practise. Cheers, JD - curious about where as well, looks like on CDT
  5. Thank you indeed for the welcome(s). I enjoyed reading the observations and feedback on this instrument. It's not one I'd be after, however it's interesting to learn about history and valuation, amongst other aspects, of checking out older instruments. How to 'key out' so to speak, like taxonomy with plants an' animals. My 2 row C/G arrived and I'm starting to mess with it, however I'll be still looking for a G/C or D/G 30 key Anglo. Likely it will be an instrument already in NA as, while the GBP to CAD exchange is about 2:1, the valuation in real terms seems about the same. Cheers, John JD
  6. Hullo Folks, I'm new-ish, reading for several months before registering. Name is John, location in Victoria, BC. While I'm waiting for the affordable 30 button C/G D/G Anglo to come along I've been enjoying reading the various posts on C.Net. A musical friend of mine, also now on C.Net, sent this link to me. I'm simply forwarding it for general Concertina availability awareness. No connection with the owner. A 1857 Wheatstone Made for Joseph Scates – Amboina Burl, Silver Alloy Reed, 48 Button Treble English Concertina, available in Seattle. Cheers, JD
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