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  1. They played Sisters Oregon tonight.
  2. Imar is currently on tour. All very fine musicians, but concertina player Mohsen Amini is truly amazing: Imar Tour Dates A short audio clip from their show in Corvallis Oregon on Mar. 16th 2019:
  3. An interesting article about the famous escape from Alcatraz in 1962. Frank Morris would play an accordion to mask the noise as John and Clarence Anglin worked at digging out a ventilation duct. Morris apparently had a concertina as well: "On the night of June 11, 1962, they crawled through the hole in their cell wall and then up a network of piles to the prison roof. They then slide down a smokestack and left the island on a raft made of more than 50 raincoats and inflated with a small concertina, which was used as an improvised bellows." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/01/24/mysterious-letter-reopens-case-whether-alcatraz-escapees-survived/?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJ1lvB4H1Cg
  5. http://tradconnect.com/profiles/blogs/debut-video-from-atlas-featuring-their-new-affinity-album
  6. Russia Today's facebook page just posted it - guess it's with the big leagues now.
  7. https://twitter.com/rabbitandcoffee/status/819906384917446656
  8. Sign me up! It might be difficult for those with little hands to play along - but they should be keeping their hands to themselves anyway.
  9. An interesting series of podcasts are being produced by Seattle singer Colleen Raney and flutist Hanz Araki - focusing on Irish, Scottish and English songs and tunes. The first highlights artists that influenced their careers - the second on 'crossover' songs that borrow from Irish/Scottish/English traditional roots. Some interesting discussion between songs. https://soundcloud.com/littlesearecords
  10. that's what I meant to say, but I was being brief - great explaination!
  11. The only complete 3-note chord would be D# diminished. If you want to consider the possible 4-note chords (with one note missing), your choices are: B7th (no root) Cdim7th (no root) D#dim7th (no 3rd) F#min6th (no 5th) F#dim7th (no 5th)
  12. Concertina Alba From Wikipedia: The alba ("sunrise") is a subgenre of Occitan lyric poetry. It describes the longing of lovers who, having passed a night together, must separate for fear of being discovered by their respective spouses.
  13. Just found this one, don't think this one has been mentioned: "Until They Sail" 1957 with Jean Simmons, Joan Fontaine, Paul Newman, and Piper Laurie (playing the concertina). Great score by David Raksin to boot!
  14. I would say the Anglo-Heisenberg principle applies - that it's impossible to know precisely which note is being played AND the direction of the bellows simultaneously to arbitrarily high precision.
  15. At the very least, it makes for a nice picture. link
  16. I can add one nobody has probably mentioned before: "Москва слезам не верит", or "Moscow does not Believe in Tears" - in the middle is a short section where the main character is watching a television displaying a band, one member of which is playing a concertina. It's a classic Russian movie and can be found here. Edit: my appologies - I see it's already included in the first list.
  17. [ Thanks for posting Steve, check the revised table - I corrected a couple of mistakes. FW
  18. If A = 440, then the rest of the octave is: Bb = 466.16376152 x 1.7889 = 936.0439 / 2 = 468.0220 B_ = 493.88330126 x 1.8692 = 978.0610 / 2 = 489.0305 C_ = 523.25113060 x 1.0000 = 523.2511 C# = 554.36526195 x 1.0449 = 546.7451 D_ = 587.32953583 x 1.1180 = 584.9948 Eb = 622.25396744 x 1.1963 = 625.9653 E_ = 659.25511383 x 1.2500 = 654.0639 F_ = 698.45646287 x 1.3375 = 699.8484 F# = 739.98884542 x 1.3975 = 731.2434 G_ = 783.99087196 x 1.4953 = 782.4174 G# = 830.60939516 x 1.6000 = 837.2018 A_ = 880.00000000 x 1.6719 = 874.8236 Divide or multiply by 2.0000 to get the appropriate octave. Mean Tone ratios taken from "The Physics of Sound" by Richard E. Berg/David G. Stork. Edit: because the original table starts with A_ and the ratios begin with C_, Bb and B_ are divided by two. Correction: the ratios are in relation to C_ (523.25113060), not each particular note. So, C# = 523.25113060 x 1.0449 not 554.36526195 x 1.0449 FW
  19. All my life! But only 3 years of that was on the list. Hope to have a sound file someday soon.
  20. Sorry here's the left side. This has Wheatstone layout with "Irish" (2mm) button height.
  21. Just though everyone would enjoy these pictures of Wim Wakker's latest creation. Walnut with ebony and maple trip with gold inserts and keys. It's his W-6 model tuned to G/D with 40 keys. It sounds as georgous as it looks - although I'm still just a novice.
  22. You can check with the guy here - I remember when I bought my Rochelle, he mentioned some live shanty music being played every Thu or Fri night somewhere in Jack London Square.
  23. What I have done was create a page full of "blank" keyboards in my word processor, such as (for my 34-key Anglo): 00000 00000 000000 000000 000000 000000 I then cut and paste one keyboard on each side of a blank business card. Each note gets one card, one side for the push and the other side for the pull. I fill in the correct dots for each note and label it as the push or pull side. (I even notate at the bottom which octave each particular note is in). I then laminate each card as they receive a lot of use/abuse, but for some that may be over the top. When it comes time to practice ANY scale (or song), you just lay out the cards in the correct order - choosing either a push or pull for each note. You can then change or rearrange as needed. I've also created several reference cards that describe the various scales and chords, etc...
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