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    Case for carrying 2 concertinas

    I have a case that is specifically made for two concertinas. It is the last double case I made. Altogether I made about three dozen doubles and over 400 single cases. Many people referred to them as the "Fallon case". I intended to keep this case for myself but I do not play much any more. I have had it for about eight years and never used it so it is really brand new. It is padded and blocked and finished in crushed velvet like all the other cases I made. I am advertising this case on the Comhaltas (CCE) Journal at their convention and Fleadh which will be held in Parsippany on the 6th, 7th and 8th of June. I am also advertising two of my concertinas - a 38 button Suttner and a 38 button Crabb. If the case does not sell at the convention I will offer it on this site. I retired from making cases in 2011 after eleven years at it and made cases for uilleann pipes as well and one large one for a harp. Frank Edgley, who has always been a great friend, took over this business.