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  1. I thought of that right off because of the 16 bars Alan plays, bars 5 - 8 sound reminiscent of bars 21 - 24 of “Liberty Bell.” But that leaves 12 other bars that don’t sound at all like LB and much of LB unaccounted for, so I rejected the notion. So either there’s another elusive answer, or Alan’s making the tune up, inspired by LB but not bound by it.
  2. So there’s your answer, conzertino, unless you’re specifically looking for one set up like an English Concertina.
  3. I’m using it right now. About a foot and a half from the center of the bellows.
  4. Yes, I said it was a Hayden in my post, above. Here is the layout of the 82 buttons. ( C ) = middle C (both hands). The bounds of the standard 46-key Hayden is outlined in slashes and underscores. | LEFT HAND || RIGHT HAND | || | || Bb C | || Eb__F___G__ A B | _____________ || Ab \Bb C D\__E___F#__G# | Eb /F G A B\______ || Eb/ F G A B C#\ D# | Ab /Bb (C) D E F# G# \ || Ab/ Bb C D E F# G#\ | Eb\ F G A B C# D#/ || Eb\ F G A B C# D#\ | Ab Bb\_C___D___E___F#__G#/ || Ab Bb\(C)__D___E___F#__G#_/ | F G A B C# D# || G A B C# D# | F# G# || G# | || |(5th Finger) (Thumb) || (Thumb) (5th Finger) | ==========HAND STRAP======== || ======HAND STRAP======== Ignore the colors. I typed it all in black and for some reason the interface adds colors.
  5. Here’s a metal-ended 82-key Wheatstone Hayden that Steve Dickinson built: I describe it more fully in this post from 2006. The low note is F2 (an octave and a half below middle C). The 48 buttons on the right play the same notes as the 48 buttons on a treble EC.
  6. It’s not clear whether Juris was suggesting an English Concertina or an Anglo Concertina made in England.
  7. I don’t measure it, and it’s likely a little different each time. I’d say arm’s length (from the instrument, not my shoulder) or a little further. I bought the mics during the pandemic (in October) and they've neither been out of the house nor seen another instrument since.
  8. I use this set-up (Sterling Audio SL230MP Matched Pair, Medium Diaphragm Condenser Microphones) at home for recording and jamming on Jamulus or JamKazam: Once, when I was JamKazamming with Jody Kruskal, he told me it sounded like I was playing two instruments, the left and the right. I think that answers the “stereo separation” question.
  9. The range of the right hand actually goes 2 octaves above middle C, not 3. I have just notified The Button Box about the inaccuracy in their web site.
  10. You MUST fix the soundtrack of that video. There’s a wrong note in the Ravel Bolero that comes back every time the tune is repeated. You’re playing it in E, which is fine (it’s originally in C), but the 10th note in the tune should be a minor 3rd below the 9th note, and you’re playing it a semitone lower than the 9th note. In the key of E, you’re playing a D# where there should be a C#, consistently. In the key of C, if you’re looking at the score, we’re talking about a B where there should be an A. The end of the first beat of the 2nd measure of the flute solo. You do want your potential customers to think you know something about music, don’t you?
  11. Yes, and Tom Stoppard had “Favour.” We also had “Every Good Boy Does Fine.” That was the first one I learned, but I liked the Fudge better.
  12. You poor child! We had Fudge. And the spaces spell the word “FACE.”
  13. I just had a look at this video about Bob Tedrow, which is embedded in the page that David Lay’s 2nd post, above, links to. If you want to have a feel for who made your concertina, have a look.
  14. Bob Tedrow hasn’t posted on concertina.net since last August. In case he hasn’t seen this thread, I just sent him a PM.
  15. It should be noted that Simon holds the English Concertina in a unique way. He doesn’t use the pinkie rests, and his fingers approach the buttons from a different angle than most. It allows him to do some amazing things!
  16. The “La Follia” tune is actually many years older than Vivaldi. From the Wikipedia page: But I wonder if the similarity between the first 8 bars of “La Follia” and “The Green Leaves of Summer” (after which they diverge considerably) is more than a coincidence.
  17. Let’s not forget Michael Turner’s Waltz: ... which started life as part of Mozart’s German Dances, K 536: And here’s my take on it from 7 years ago when it was “Tune of the Month:”
  18. Thank you, Stefan, for subscribing to my YouTube channel. That was a surprise. I’m sorry, I haven’t uploaded anything to it for quite some time. It was most active when the “Tune of the Month” program was a thing here on concertina.net. Lately, I’ve been participating as a cellist in videos for the Covid Cello Project (I’m in #s 12 and 13 and just uploaded my contribution to 14 yesterday).
  19. Boy, that was a lot of fun! My great-grandfather was born in Poznań, when it was called Posen and was in Germany.
  20. I don’t see anything there, either. Just an empty square with a question mark in it and “image.png” (using Safari on a Mac). Can this interface display png’s? Maybe it should be a jpeg.
  21. Thanks. I had no trouble seeing it and I’m not a member of Facebook at all.
  22. Looks like 7 here. If the one on the right is also a Franglo then I guess it’s variable.
  23. Going back to the original post: FWIW, instruments designed by both Wicki and Hayden only have straight rows of keys.
  24. That’s as far as I can take you. I’m not an Anglo player, I just know a lot about music and know that E minor should be a comfortable key for any Anglo that has a G row.
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