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  1. Mine is a sculpture (technically a "grotesque," not a "gargoyle") that is part of the Parliament building in Ottawa, Canada.
  2. It came through as a B. I think the emoticon was automatically substituted fo a B followed by a close parens. I will type the combination here ->
  3. I've developed a routine now every time I log onto this site. Before I do anything else, I click the "Read new posts" link near the top of the page. This brings up a list of topics with posts since my last visit to the site. Just to the left of each topic name is a little low square icon that, if I click it, brings up the new posts. After reading the new posts, I hit the browser's "back" button and choose a new topic from the list. I am still a little unsatisfied with this. I don't know if this overlooks items that were posted while I was logged on (last time). That is, if they had not yet been posted last time I logged on but their posting times are before I logged off, will I see them next time I ask for new posts? I also have my preferences set to send me e-mail notification of new posts in topics I am interested in, but this seems to work only sproradically. I know I am missing posts that I find incidentally when I am looking for something else. Why can't individual posts me flagged as "read" and "unread"? I see these words in some of the documentation, but I don't see any way to implement them. Anybody have a better system?
  4. Ken- While we're fixing links, how about one in the header of the concertina.net home page that links to these forums? The Forum link in the header still links to the old one (which would be hard to access if the link were simply changed).
  5. The abc standard is now in flux. Version 1.6 was the standard for many years and most of the sofware follows it, but serious thought has been given to version 2, and it shouldn't be long before it becomes standard. This will certainly be possible in the new standard. BarFly has already incorporated some of the new features. I agree with what Michael said about version 1.6 and would add the following: Are you more concerned with how it looks on the page or how it sounds when your computer plays it? If you're only intereted in printed output, you can use a feature intended for guitar chords (putting text in quotes) to display the words "DC al fine" and "Fine" where you want them. Just put the quoted words into the abc right before the note or barline you want them to appear over.
  6. Nope. I think he only clue that the vote is forfeit is the words "null vote" on the buttonthat lets you view the results.
  7. Go to your profile (click on your name) and then click the link that lets you edit your profile. In the column on the left find a link that says "Subscriptions" and click "View Forums." You can then uncheck (or check) any forum you wish.
  8. It won't let me vote. First I read all the posts. Then I went back to the top of the page and clicked the "View Results (Null Vote)" button. Below the data bars, it said "You have already voted in this poll." I hit my browser's "Back" button and attempted to vote (13+) but I got an error screen that included this message: > The error returned was: > > You have already voted in this poll
  9. Helen- After typing the name of a random favorite city, be sure to hit the "Amend Profile" button at the bottom. That should update the info.
  10. Thanks, Michael. OK, I've done that, and all the pages now show the correct time. Is this something I'm (we all are) going to have to do twice a year now, along with all the other clocks and the smoke alarm bateries?
  11. Jim- 4) Click on your name to view your profile. It's in a box on the left. Search the page on the word "local" if you have to. 5) This one seems to be intrinsic to the web site. It's not only off by an hour, but the "minute hand" isn't quite synchronized with my computer. BTW, for most online clocks to be correct, not only must your own computer's clock be set to the correct time, but the DST switch must be correctly set. That is, if it's 4:00 PM GMT and 12:00 noon EDT in New York but I have my clock set to 12:00 noon EST, a web based clock will think it's 5:00 PM GMT and show my time wrong as 1:00 PM EDT. Got that?
  12. Last time I tried to contact SD, (how shall we say?) it didn't go well. Don't forget, he still has several thousand dollars of my money on a Hayden Aeola that was ordered in 1989 and promised in 1992.
  13. The post time for each entry will always be wrong in all but one time zone. Paul's in the same time zone I am, so I'd expect it to agree (it did on the previous forum). But click your profile, and your local time should be off by just an hour (if you use DST).
  14. Thanks, Mike, nice idea. Looks like it's not gonna work. The system reduces all multiple spaces to one space. Watch: -> <- I have typed one space between these arrows. -> <- I have typed five spaces between these arrows.
  15. Paul- The site seems to think we are in standard time, not daylight time. Not only are posts logged an hour early, but in the user profile page it gets the user's local time wrong as well.
  16. Well, I'll be... I seen to have been promoted to "member" while writing the above. I still don't know what the blue squares mean. How do I get a third one?
  17. What (in the context of this forum) is a "newbie"? That is, why does it say that under my name, to the left, with one blue square while it says "member" and two blue squares by Paul's and Chris's names? I have searched through my profile screens, but don't see any mention of that.
  18. Thanks for doing this, Bob. Can you provide a date for a modern (Dickinson) Wheatstone? It's my Hayden-46 key (you heard me play it last year), SN 60082. Below is a picture of a very similar instrument, but it is not mine. It differs from mine only in that my hand straps do not say "Wheatstone" on them and are not riveted down at the end opposite the buckle (they are glued and pass under the "staple" barely visible in this picture). I am told that it is from the mid 1980s, but if you could give me more specific information, I'd be grateful. Thanks.
  19. Here's me at the Squeeze-In a couple years ago, with parts of my Wheatstone Hayden Duet. Photo by David Cornell, with some touch-up by me.
  20. I'm finding this new format more and more a PIA. When I first accessed the page today, I saw many dark blue envelopes, suggesting that many topics had posts that had been logged since I was last here yesterday. I read one of the threads and when I went back to the main forums page, all the envelopes had turned pale blue, suggesting that none of the topics had new articles, which obviously isn't true. I suspect that the shade of the envelope is determined not by whether I have read all the posts, but whether there are posts that have been logged since my last visit to the site (which is now). How am I to make any kind of sense of this? I will sign off with the sig many of you have seen on rec.music.makers.squeezebox, but got mangled by the old fourm software the one time I tried it there. Let's see if it works... ______ /\/\/\/\ <______> | | | | | David Barnert <______> | | | | | <davbarnert@aol.com> <______> | | | | | Albany, NY <______> \/\/\/\/ Ventilator Concertina Bellows Bellows (Vocation) (Avocation)
  21. Chris- Below the input window there are several enable/click lines. One lets you turn off "enable emoticons." Try that. I would try it myself, but I can't reproduce the problem you cite. It must be system specific.
  22. I've just noticed a link at the top of _some_ pages that says "go to first unread post." I guess this answers my question. ?
  23. That would be me. Problem is, sometimes I read this page from home and sometimes from work, so one browser doesn't know what I've read on the other. Since the server knows where I've been (and broadcasts it moment by moment), it would be nice to think it could keep track for me what I've read and what I haven't.
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