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  1. Hi. So here I am Saturday morning, setting up my laptop, which I brought with me as an aid for my "abc's of 'abc'" workshop when I notice that among the changes the new owners have effected in this place (and there are quite a few) is a WiFi base station (Apple AirPort) high on the wall behind the desk. So I figure no way it's unprotected, but what the hell, I'll give it a ry, and Voila! They've also moved the pub to the space where the Button Box used to set up their shop, which has now moved to the Barn. The dining room has expanded into the old pub area. The hurricaine mercifully bypassed the area, and in fact Friday afternoon was quite sunny, albeit windy. Nobody complained. Last night was notable for many diverse jam sessions and sings in all quarters rather than the usual everybody in the front room jamming together. Bob McQuilen sat down next to me toward the beginning of the evening and we started playing through more of his tunes than either of us remembered. Jill Newton (of the old Vermont contradance band "Applejack," which recorded an album of Bob's tunes in the 70's) joined in, and we had a ball. Later today, I'll be doing the abc workshop, my usual "Morris Tunes" swap, and sitting in on Rich Morse's "Hayden Round Robin" (there are four of us here with Haydens). Time for breakfast. Gotta go.
  2. There is not much chemnitzer expertise at this site. It really is a different beast than the instruments most of us play here, although the chemnitzer folks also call their instrument a concertina. I'd expect you'd find more edifying answers to your questions by contacting someone at one of the sites I mentioned above. I hope the above doesn't sound too exclusionary. I'm happy to read posts and learn about all sorts of squeezeboxes. But realistically, the box you have there is not the center of the discussions here.
  3. I have lots of Generation whistles, mostly nickel, I think one brass. 1 each in F, C, Eb, a couple Bb's and many D's (I think they breed when I'm not looking). I also play tabor pipe (which is just a pennywhistle where some of the holes fell off and one slipped to the under side). Do they count? Again, a few Generation D's, 2 Susato D's (one the old style, one the new), and a sweetheart low G. BTW, I hardly ever play the 6-hole variety anymore. I'm much happier on the recorder. But the Pipe & Tabor gets a lot of use. I also play the tabor pipe in the car (you can play with one hand while driving with the other). I invented a word for the practice of playing the 3-hole flageolet in an automobile: Autoflageolation.
  4. I don't see why not. I voted "yes" not because I feel a need for one, but because if there were such a forum, anyone could opt not to read it. Unless the presence of such a forum seriously hogged resources needed for concertina discussions, I don't see a down side (and if that *did* happen, it would be clear that it was needed).
  5. You've hit upon the reason Duets were invented. Out of curiosity, Rich, who was that? I should add that just a couple of years later, that scene was repeated with Rich showing the Hayden to me. Good question. I was given a vinyl album of his in the early 1980s. Great stuff. Haven't heard his name recently.
  6. They are, indeed. They're just not the first ones *I* would think of. I'm not sure I would use the word "modal," either, to describe a tune in aeolian. I've usually heard that word used for mixolydian and dorian tunes among folkies. Anyway, if I were asked to name some e-minor Irish tunes, I'd be more likely to name tunes along the lines of Old Grey Cat, Fingal's Cave, Swallowtail Jig, etc., all dorian. Michael, it looks like we have some tune sharing to do at the Squeeze-In.
  7. I don't understand this one, but if you haven't made sure (through your user page) that the system knows what time zone you're in and whether or not DST is in effect, I'd see to that.
  8. Other instruments? Cello (2), 5-string banjo (2), hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, classical guitar (3), pipe & tabor, a couple synthesizers hooked up to my Mac, and more recorders and pennywhistles than I can keep track of. But who's counting? And just keep Isabel away from the Squeeze-In and there'll be no trouble.
  9. No surprise. Mixolydian is also very comon in Irish tunes. That's the G scale with an F natural or D scale with C natural. Banish Misfortune, Red Haired Boy, etc. Real Aeolian is rare.
  10. I agree with Tom and Helen. I've given up the "view new posts" buttons, either on the web page or the assistant, because it doesn't know what you've seen and what you haven't: it only knows what's been posted since some arbitrary time it's calling the last time you logged on. Earlier today, I logged on briefly to copy a recent post for cross-posting on rec.music.makers.squeezebox. When I logged on later to concertina.net, none of the posts that had accumulated between the time I last read posts and the time I copied my post were listed as new posts. Also, as I write this, I have not finished reading my unread posts, but I know that as soon as I post this, my time will be updated to now, also screwing up any attempt to keep track of unread posts by the system. When you first log on, the system tells you when you were on last. I usually subtract a half hour or so from that and read everything posted since that time (as listed on the right).
  11. Actually, that's not really true. E minor Irish tunes are generally (always??) actually in E dorian, with a C#, thus using the same notes as D major. The dorian scale is just like the minor scale but the 6th note is raised. A minor tunes with F# are also dorian.
  12. Look through these sites and see if they offer any help: http://www.concertina.net/guide.html http://www.concertina.info
  13. Did it come from the midwest? Sounds like a chemnitzer. See if anything here looks familiar: http://www.newulmtel.net/~lorens/ http://www.concertinamusic.com
  14. Apparently it depends on how you do the search. The image I had in mind when I wrote the above was what you get if you search for a user's posts by going through their info panel (click on their name). If you search on a keyword through your "assistant," you're right: all you get is a list of relevant topics. But if you hit the search button just under the "CONCERTINA.net" header and enter a keyword, you get a list of individual posts and clicking on the title of any brings up the context page. See if that does what you want.
  15. Reading your post, it's a little ambiguous as to whether you already realize this, but here's my answer to what I think you might be asking: Once you have found a particular post by searching on keywords or user name, the number of the post (ie, 1 to 1000+ as of this week) will appear as a link below. If you click it, you will see the post in the context in which it originally appeared.
  16. Would you have lent it to him if you knew he was going to expose it to the adverse conditions of the sea air?
  17. The device pictured was made by Paul Everett of Endicott, NY, and the fingers in the picture are mine (at the NE Squeeze-In 2 years ago). I really have nothing to add to what's on Paul's web page (cited in Grant's message, above). He brought an earlier version of it to my house and we had some fun with it. It was a fun toy, but I think the most telling line on the web page is: >When mine [stagi Hayden, unavailable until after the gadget was >built] arrived I boxed the Gadget, shelved it, and never touched >it again. (Engineers hear that and go nuts -- musicians' >reaction is "Well, yeah...")
  18. I've learned to work with it, and to be honest, there were things about the old format that drove me nuts, too. But note that Cornelia, wife of our host, Paul, wrote in post #807 (after talking about her kids): So if for that reason alone, we should not demand nor expect much change.
  19. This works up to a point. The horizontal rows are slanted the wrong way and it becomes quite cumbersome rather quickly. I do it sometimes by accident--put it on backwards and start playing before realizing what I've done. [editied for typo]
  20. Anyone want a ride from the Albany airport (similar time frame) let me know.
  21. Push the buttons here. Squeeze the bellows to and fro. Music comes out there. [but I think Wendy's "Breath of wind in hand..." is the best so far. When I first learned about Haiku in 8th grade, I was taught that in addition to the syllable count, there should be a reference to something in nature.]
  22. All the posts since day 1 are still available and are all time stamped. That means any one of us has access to all the information we'd need, if so inclined, to go through them and count them by hand or perhaps let a database program sort them in order of posting.
  23. For my squeezebox, I paid quite a fee! But it got me to thinking:"Let's see... The cost is quite nice If you think what the price Would have been if the reeds weren't free!"
  24. Alan, if I remember correctly, you had some nice videos on your web site of you (from the neck down) playing the style in question. Might we ask you to repost the URL?
  25. Save the picture in JPG (JPEG) format, just as you would any photo for use on the web, maximum size 120k. Now, look below the window where you type the post for a field labeled "File Attachments." Next to it is a "Browse" button. Click it and find your photo. It will upload when you hit the "Add reply" button.
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