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    46-button Hayden Duet Concertina
    Morris, English Country, Contra Dance Music
    Classical and Early Music
    Retired Anesthesiologist

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  1. Ha!  I live within walking distance of the opera house.  I'd be delighted to meet up.  My fiddle playing's going all to hell (probably a belated attempt at Bluegrass).  I'm at the point where I should start playing out, and reading your posts I think we have a lot of similar musical interests although I'm probably a bit behind you with my duet playing.  Aside from that lets do it.  I've lots of issues for a couple of weeks but let's keep in touch.  


    Erik ....edoggity@gmail.com

    1. wunks


      As a follow up, I'm willing and would prefer to drive out your way, at least for a start.  Later I may be able to set up a meet with my friend Ruth who is principle cellist for the opera orchestra.  She keeps a beautiful small restored chapel here and we've been playing a bit when she's in town.




    2. David Barnert

      David Barnert

      I just spent the afternoon with a violinist in the opera orchestra (Ann-Marie Barker Schwartz). I’ve known her for decades and she played a chamber music concert today around the corner from my house. I also play the cello, but not on a professional level (my community orchestra is playing a concert tomorrow. Strings only, all vaccinated, masked and distanced.


      Let me know when you’re ready to come out here. I have a lot of free time. davbarnert@aol.com 

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