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    46-button Hayden Duet Concertina
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  1. David, I particularly enjoyed your playing of Bob's Old Time Quadrille.  That tune's been stuck in my head since the early days of NEFFA when I danced it to the prompting of Fred Brunnig (I Think!).  I never knew it's name but it's one of the first tunes I attempted on my Jeff duet.  Thanx!



    1. David Barnert

      David Barnert

      Thanks. I also first heard it at NEFFA. 1970s. Bob McQ and April Limber and Pete Colby. Don’t remember who was calling. Might have been Fred. At McQ tunes sessions at NEFFA or the Flurry I can never find anyone else who wants to play it. Sometimes I worry that I’m the only one who still does.

    2. wunks


      That's strange because it's a crackerjack contra dance tune, although I can't say I've heard it elsewhere either.  At least there're two of us!  Cheers.



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