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  1. You're welcome! I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  2. I asked him for you. I will add information as soon as he answer. Btw: Most Germans do speak more or less good english (mine is poor), so asking in english is no problem mostly. Have got the answer: Shipping to USA would be 32 Euro (what should be around 47 US$ at the moment).
  3. Hello, i have to sell my nearly new (2 month old) and hardly ever used (it is like new, no wear) rochelle anglo concertina inc. bag and tutor. Asking price (VB) is 220 Euro + Shipping (location is Germany ... test play is possible in Leipzig). On demand i can add "The Anglo Concertina demystified" by bertram levy (with 2 CD) and a DVD tutor "Learn To Play Irish Concertina" by John Williams both together for 20 Euro. Feel free to ask any question here or via PN. Greetings, Lars
  4. Hello, i habe have found this playlist while surfing through Youtube. I do not know if anybody posted it before (please be forgiving if so) but it was so much fun watching it, that i want to share it with you (hopong you will enjoy it, too) (sorry for my poor english): The Link: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=1516B8EF804A4C92 and here the description: Self Portrait 2009 is a new unique piece of video work concentrating on Scottish music and new media. It takes the form of a YouTube playlist and Simon is the first artist in the UK to release an album on YouTube (source: UK editor of YouTube). It is a free work open to all to view. As the album title says 'Self Portrait 2009' looks at Simon's life in 2009. Simon is a musician, event organiser and director of footstompin.com who works from home whilst looking after his 2 children with his partner Clare. Whilst this album shows off Simon's first love of Scottish traditional music it also features his very eclective musical tastes. "I have tried to take my music and put it into situations that surround me. Everything you see and hear on this album is real life. From sitting on the living room couch practising to being inundated by the commercialism that is directed at our children from most TV channels. It also features frustration, sharing and happiness. There is a lot of humour on this album and I hope it makes you smile." Simon Thoumire is a virtuoso Scottish concertina player who has been releasing albums since 1987. He has performed all over the world solo and with pianist Dave Milligan. Simon has never been afraid to experiment with music and has released traditional, folk jazz fusion and improvised albums in the last few years. As a composer he has written the Scots Fiddle Concerto, the Garvie Bagpipe Concerto, the Scottish Requiem and much more. Simon also helps run family business Foot Stompin (www.footstompin.com), a Scottish interest website that promotes and sells Scottish product worldwide. With Scottish charity Hands Up for Trad he organises premier Scottish events the Scots Trad Music Awards and the BBC Radio Scotland Young Traditional Musician Award. Tracks: 1.Introduction 2.Family Times 3.Darth Vader meets Atom Buster meets Barney Kessel meets Simon Thoumire 4.Give Me Peace 5.and Relax 6.Duo 7.Finally Running time 22mins. http://www.footstompin.com/simonthoumire.
  5. I am far away from beeing as fast as i want to be (i am still in the phase of buying the right tools and the material). To bridge the time i decided to build a midi instrument (without bellow)... That way i will be able to learn the fingering because i must accept that it will take a long time until the real instrument will be ready *sigh* (but i am at least as besetting as slow) The Keyboard is ready (the luster terminals are only "placeholders" to hold the wires in the right order and will be removed as soon as i have the midi-converter "doepfer ctm64" CLICK ME ). (i am totaly new to electronic and soldering etc. so it took me some time to do this ugly chaos of wires... but i used a ohmmeter to determine if everything is right and to my surprise the keyboard is working ) Next step will be the building of the case (in the shape of a six-sided concertina ) and the ordering of the ctm (and buying more stuff for the real concertina). Greetings, Lars
  6. Regarding this table (violet line): RANGEOFREEDS What is the lowest note on a standart 30 button Anglo? Is it c1?
  7. @wntrmute: I would have done the same mistake as you, if you would not have done it before @STtephen Chambers: Own house ... new workshop ... wow, cool.
  8. My apartment is 5 x 5m what is ca. 16,5 x 16,5 feet. So you made a mistake... 26m² are not 85 square feet (but 26m are 85 feet). 26m² are ca. 272 square feet (hope that was right).
  9. That's a big studio! Back in Oregon they used to have machine shops. So one signs up, goes through one hour introduction, pays a small fee, and can use the shop's tools and materials to make whatever. Here in California I'm feeling naked without those. Can't even make a stool without buying everything. Maybe i translated it wrong... studio appartment is suppoest to be a "one-room-flat"/"single appartment", i do not know the right english word (all in one, kitchen, bedroom, livingroom, a small seperated toilette and shower, workingroom and workshop, 26m² ... thats how i live at the moment). I wish this sort of "rent a workshop" would be available here, too. Sounds great and i would spend much time there. I hope i will own a fully equipped workshop somedays *dream*.
  10. I am all ears On a serious note: do you have access to machinery of any sort? /Henrik I have a band saw, a drill press a decent helping of insanity and that all concentrated in my 26m² studio apartment.
  11. I have no reason to make haste (but i plan to finish it this year).
  12. That is what i meant. (It is not easy for me to phrasing precise in english (e.g. i often have the feeling that what i am saying sounds uncouth und uncivil but it is not supposed to do so) so communication problems are inescapable, but i try my best, and problems are there to be solved That answers my question perfectly, thank you.
  13. I recieved an answer from the reed manufacturer and they will send me a catalog-cd with all information i need.
  14. I know it should be acid free (i mentionend it in a previous post)... it is all museum quality and all a little bit alkaline and they achieve the requirement for the norm DIN ISO 9706, what guarantee highest possible endurence concerning aging. What i asked is, if these demands: "stiff, durable, fairly thin, easy to cut and glue to" are better achieved with cotton based or with wood pulp bases cardboeard or if there is no noticable difference that has to do with the basic material. (is ther a reason why not using Plexiglas... or is it too stiff?) I know that the basic material is not the only criterion but maybe it could be one ... hope now it is clear what i meant. Hadern: http://dict.leo.org/ende?lp=ende&lang=...n&relink=on
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