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  1. I am looking to purchase (for a friend! 🙂) an anglo C/G to play Irish tunes... already have/ play english 48 treble... Don't know what I need for # of buttons, what would be most versatile. Recommendations would be appreciated. Don't want low end, can't afford high end.... somewhere in the middle ground for $$... Thanks!!
  2. well, the instrument has been Sold! Thank you all for you assistance and information, it has been greatly appreciated. this is my first experience with this forum and will be putting in on one of my regular stops now. Thanks again Paul (bcmusicman) www.copperskymusic.com
  3. yes, it is in modern concert pitch and in tune... all the notes work... 2 a little warbly the instrument is in good repair, no visible damage/cracks etc.. bellows is good just the usual wear spots on the instrument reeds sound a bit dusty maybe.. due to lack of playing.... good loud sound i have a short sound clip, Mingulay Boat song. done with a cheap computer mic so not the best quality. No-one is allowed to comment on the playing! mingulay.mp3
  4. I have a Lachenal Duet, ser # 691 for sale. In very playable condition ( one or two reeds flutter). It's 55 buttons, McCann system ( i think). Comes with custom made case, heavy duty. I have no idea the value.. can any help in this? Any suggestions? thanks bcmusicman
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