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  1. Hello there, I wondered if you could help? I'm looking to purchase my first concertina. My main interest for this will be to play Scottish tunes. But... I'm also trying to re-learn the double bass and I'm spending a lot of time looking at general music theory and notation. So - I wondered if it might be most logical for me to get an English concertina? And if so, with a budget of £500-£750, are there any makers that you would recommend? Thanks in advance! Best wishes, Simon
  2. Hello there, I'm looking to purchase my first English concertina - I think. I say 'think' as I'm fairly sure that English (rather than Anglo) will suit me best. Assuming I do go for an English, I wondered I'd anyone could offer any hints on what I should buy? My budget is approx. £500 - I don't know what I should expect to buy for that. New or secondhand? Or should I go cheaper to start, make sure I can put the playing time , then buy something much better? I'm based in the UK so would also appreciate and leads re. shops etc. Thanks in advance, Simon
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