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  1. I have a 28 button Jeffries and on the basis of that plus playing and observing other like models I would like to add a couple of comments. As far as I can tell, the 26 and 28 button vintage concertinas preceded the development of the 30 button models. You shouldn't always assume that a 26 or 28 button concertina is in some way inferior to the more buttoned models - at least not for a Jeffries. Mine is top quality and I'm familiar with similar quality 26 button models owned by others. Make no mistake, there are some drawbacks and accidental row note position is one place were a number of changes are evident. For instance, on my 28 button Jeffries, the low press A is on the last (or bottom) button on the outside row and other note combinations are similarly shifted over one place by the absence of that 5th button on the outside row. This does change fingering a bit. The right side is less affected since in the Jeffries note layout the first and second buttons on the outside row are just inversions of each other. So the note assignments of the other button notes in that row are unaffected. Overall, I am very pleased with this instrument. By virtue of the fewer buttons, it is lighter than 30 button models. One last and important difference is that these models (less than 30 buttons) are frequently less in demand and may be acquired for more attractive prices. So, to paraphrase an old TV ad, "Try it. You'll like it!"
  2. Hi Dave, In the last year or so there have been two or three (memory is going) miniature Wheatstone Englishes on eBay. The first went for the most money and I think the final price was around $1,500. The others did not bid up as much with the prices stalling around $900-$1,000. It used to be that miniatures brought as much as full size 48 button models, but I don't think the market rewards them as much these days. And good 48 button English Wheatstones prices are moving up into the same territory as their anglos $2.8k to $3k+. This is supported by recent advertised prices on the Button Box site. Ross
  3. Congrats Dave, As a long-time student at the NHIS, I have really missed the Northeast Squeeze-In since we moved the date and location of the class. Your initiating the Southeast Squeeze-In less than 75 miles from my home in Tryon is a Godsend! I will be making my reservations ASAP. Looking forward to some serious free-reed overload and meeting some new folks. See ya there! Update: Just made my reservation in the Box Bend cottage. Since it has a little living area and a couple of fireplaces, I hope to host an anglo slow jam and maybe a class for slow airs on the anglo concertina. English concertinas and button boxes will be welcome to join in too! Ross
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