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  1. can someone please give me a history lesson about this concertina dealer?were the concertinas made for him by lachenal/wheatstone? special?do any members here have one or have first hand experience of playing one?

    thanks ,


  2. hi all,

    have been recently listening to dervish's album.."live at johnny fox's" and need help identifying a tune.

    It is the last track of the album..no.13...but the last track of no.13!!!It starts at 3.40 ish on track 13.please help with name /sheet music..

    best wishes simon.

  3. hi ,

    I´ve recently acquired a 20 key ward of liverpool..lachenal...anglo number 86000ish..circa 1900.Its in CG in old pitch, with lots of bellows holes...they´ve been thoughtfully retaped in insulating tape.The reeds all seem to soundish..but can´t undo a couple of end bolts to have a poke and fiddle....

    steel reeds,mahogany ends, a couple of splits and the bellows are five fold by the way.

    Basically it needs restoring!!

    however,I´m only learning....the english concertina.So here goes, does anyone have a similar conditioned(i.e needing restoration)brass reeded english concertina they´d consider swapping for it......

    best wishes from devonshire,


  4. that photo is one of the photos of the baritone treble that was on a long thread on here about 3 months ago ,that I think from memory eventually sold on ebay for over 4000pounds.So your bristol/isle of man concertina is definitely a scam!!

  5. my thoughts are with you Chris.

    I met Rosie and Chris on Christmas Day 2007 having been playing the english concertina for only about 10 days .The way Rosie played the concertina amazed me.She is still the only good english concertina player I have seen live and consequently the time I spent watching her play really inspired me.Together with Chris' tremendous enthusiasm and help they have played a large part in my own enthusiasm and dedicated learning of the instrument throughout the last 14 months.I'm really ,really sorry Chris.

    very best wishes,


  6. still looking for an excellent aeola or edeophone,

    preferably metal ended,but would consider amboyna,tortoiseshell? or ebony

    please look in all garages and corners of attics!!!

    money is now really burning a big hole in my jeans pocket....

    best wishes,


  7. hi all,

    does anyone have or know of a super responsive,positive ,nimble metal ended treble for sale...i.e a raised ended wheatstone(22 :blink: ) or a lachenal new model :o ...Condition isn't too important but must play well!!!

    thank you


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