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  1. What do you need that for baz ?......Haven't acquired yourself a very nice wheatstone aeola tenor treble have you...
  2. thanks mc I have just tried him but he doesn't have anything......
  3. I'm after an old wheatstone case for a treble .. Condition unimportant...... please pm me. All the best, simon
  4. I think you have to have a go on it....there seems so much variation in various concertinas that its hard to say how it will play. I think as a general rule they're loud and 'squeaky'(my wife's description....), but how well it'll play quietly is any ones guess. Andrew Norman has said to me that model 21s tend to be louder than model 22s....however I sold a model 22 a couple of years ago to Geoff wooff that was exceptionally loud (ear bleeding) I also have a model 22 at the moment that isn't anywhere near as loud as Geoff's but it plays exceptionally well quietly. 5 fold bellows might be an issue , but it might not!!! it depends how little air the reeds use / whether there's any leaks etc. Good luck ...I hope its a cracker!!
  5. the serial number is 25185 (1911) here are a few more photos......
  6. 48 key '81' fret ebony ended aeola treble for sale a delightful and powerful treble English concertina from wheatstone's golden period this aeola plays very quickly and consistently through its range with a dry and interesting tone.The concertina was rebushed , valved and touch tuned a couple years by nigel sture.It has immaculate 6 fold bellows which are crabb replacements in 1984. A stonking all round treble for someone......... Asking price is £2750 o.n.o and the concertina is in the westcountry(England!)
  7. the reeds are unimportant........I just think brass will be cheaper and his pocket money is limited!!! I've pmed you re the baritone.......
  8. hi Geoff, anything lying around le workshop?!!!
  9. hi all, I'm after a brass reeded English concertina, condition unimportant for my 7 month to play with/ eat/ become the next regondi........ It can have leaky valves , wheezey bellows and battered woodwork, I'm sure he won't mind but I guess I'd like it in tune with itself? He's been paying particular attention to me playing carols over the last few weeks and my wife has suggested he should have one!!! all the best, simon
  10. I have 2 superb treble wheatstone English concertinas for sale. The first is a 48 key aeola treble. ebony ends (with fretwork between the buttons) concert pitch new bushings ( 2 years ago !) immaculate 6 fold crab bellows (1980s) original box with some nice history circa 1912. this is easy to play and has a beautiful dry consistent sound through the instrument......great balanced chords so I've always used it for Christmas carols!!! the second is a metal ended extended treble model 22. raised metal ends concert pitch new bushings original 5 fold bellows original box 1920s this plays quickly and is more dynamic than the aeola, but holds less air, so this gets used for the speedy irish stuff........Personally I prefer this to the metal ender I sold to Mr. wooff a couple of years ago....although its not as loud as his mean green machine, I feel this is a better allrounder ..... both concertinas are located in devon, England the aeola is priced at 2650 and the model 22 at 2000.......English pounds. my phone number is 01271 814609 best wishes , simon
  11. thanks for that daniel......looks nice , but I think I want ebony ends!
  12. hi greg, what is the state of the aluminium reed shoes.....don't they have a tendency to oxidise and then crumble? Are either of them for sale? could you perhaps pm me on their general condition?etc thanks every one for their thoughts and help , best wishes, simon
  13. my urge for an edeophone won't be surpressed........ but i feel I'd like an earlier one with a rivetted action due to the "newer" ones being so variable in quality.Does anyone have much experience of the earlier models(around 40,000) and the lachenal rivetted action? thanks , simon
  14. geoff, I'm very sorry to hear about your stroke...but its fantastic that things are improving for you .Have a great christmas...will you be in france for it? all the best, simon
  15. thanks for the advice richard, dirge, and theo!
  16. I'm selling a concertina to someone in the states....Can anyone please help me and tell me firstly the best way for them to pay me, and secondly who are the best/easiest/least expensive company to post it with? thanks, simon
  17. well, as roughing up the gasket chamois made such a difference I thought i'd have a go at the chamois between the reeds. there are no 'marks' on the bottom of the action board from the chamber walls so i thought over the top leakage might have been an issue so I have raised the reed pan by putting one layer of bushing felt on the top of the 6 corner supports under the reed frame at each end. Its made a fantastic difference..thanks geoff! shame i spent so long in the dark looking for holes in the bellows! obviously( in hind sight!!) the bellows compression was good when not playing so I should have therefore discounted pads and bellows? now I've just got to replace the valves and I have a very nice concertina ;and I've learnt some more concertina stuff
  18. thanks geoff, I'll check everything! I roughed up the chamois leather on the end frames with a pin last night and that made a big difference. cheers , simon
  19. hi frank, they're actually on the reeds around and just above middle c...(as an aside its an extended treble so I think the top 2 or 3 notes on each side look like they've never had valves)
  20. i have about a dozen valves on my english concertina ,they are not quite covering the slot (maybe 1/2mm short).would this make the concertina use significantly more air on these notes? or am I being obsessive and should continue rather with looking for holes in the bellows with a smoking torch When does one give in with airtightness?
  21. hi kevin, I found that video really inspiring and motivating. thanks, simon
  22. i was joking about the boyd bit but hope hopefully I got you for a minute geoff
  23. hi geoff, the wire wool is super fine....... I searched the archives and have just polished with some duraglit...and now seem to have a pretty good result the ends are nickel/copper plated....its a 56 key wheatstone treble boydy thingy......
  24. i bought a rather sorry looking metal ended concertina yesterday...... it looks like its spent a considerable amount of its 100 + years on the beach.the ends are pretty green in places.I've wire wooled it all (0000) and now I'm trying to polish it with peek metal polish but its not coming up as shiney as I'd hoped . Any advice /help please, simon
  25. oh, and playing the concertina ...and doing a bit more surfing
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