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  1. my urge for an edeophone won't be surpressed........ but i feel I'd like an earlier one with a rivetted action due to the "newer" ones being so variable in quality.Does anyone have much experience of the earlier models(around 40,000) and the lachenal rivetted action? thanks , simon
  2. geoff, I'm very sorry to hear about your stroke...but its fantastic that things are improving for you .Have a great christmas...will you be in france for it? all the best, simon
  3. thanks for the advice richard, dirge, and theo!
  4. I'm selling a concertina to someone in the states....Can anyone please help me and tell me firstly the best way for them to pay me, and secondly who are the best/easiest/least expensive company to post it with? thanks, simon
  5. well, as roughing up the gasket chamois made such a difference I thought i'd have a go at the chamois between the reeds. there are no 'marks' on the bottom of the action board from the chamber walls so i thought over the top leakage might have been an issue so I have raised the reed pan by putting one layer of bushing felt on the top of the 6 corner supports under the reed frame at each end. Its made a fantastic difference..thanks geoff! shame i spent so long in the dark looking for holes in the bellows! obviously( in hind sight!!) the bellows compression was good when not playing so I should have therefore discounted pads and bellows? now I've just got to replace the valves and I have a very nice concertina ;and I've learnt some more concertina stuff
  6. thanks geoff, I'll check everything! I roughed up the chamois leather on the end frames with a pin last night and that made a big difference. cheers , simon
  7. hi frank, they're actually on the reeds around and just above middle c...(as an aside its an extended treble so I think the top 2 or 3 notes on each side look like they've never had valves)
  8. i have about a dozen valves on my english concertina ,they are not quite covering the slot (maybe 1/2mm short).would this make the concertina use significantly more air on these notes? or am I being obsessive and should continue rather with looking for holes in the bellows with a smoking torch When does one give in with airtightness?
  9. hi kevin, I found that video really inspiring and motivating. thanks, simon
  10. i was joking about the boyd bit but hope hopefully I got you for a minute geoff
  11. hi geoff, the wire wool is super fine....... I searched the archives and have just polished with some duraglit...and now seem to have a pretty good result the ends are nickel/copper plated....its a 56 key wheatstone treble boydy thingy......
  12. i bought a rather sorry looking metal ended concertina yesterday...... it looks like its spent a considerable amount of its 100 + years on the beach.the ends are pretty green in places.I've wire wooled it all (0000) and now I'm trying to polish it with peek metal polish but its not coming up as shiney as I'd hoped . Any advice /help please, simon
  13. oh, and playing the concertina ...and doing a bit more surfing
  14. concertina hunting near home in devon...........
  15. oh my goodness.....that was pure pain to watch
  16. happy new year geoff, was nice of you to replace the bushing on your baritone-treble for our impending baritone for baritone-treble swap simon
  17. I don't think this one will ever get flipped.....unless you know of anyone with a 56 key baritone treble aeola for swaps it would make nice 'brace' with your model 22 geoff!
  18. forgot to say that's not got nor ever had wrist straps fitted
  19. hi dick, I've got a rare 'big beastie' as well.....Its a baritone however not a baritone treble.Its got raised metal ends ,with intricate cut fretwork, a flat reed pan( geoff start salivating ) and basically looks like a big early model 22...its number 22890 ish.I think its a model 27? John Adey's got the same but a much newer one(1920s!)Has anyone seen any other raised ended wheatstone 6 sided baritones? By the way it plays fantastically.
  20. come on surely someone's up for this old squeezebox....
  21. the swap is opened up to anything.....(english concertina wise...no fridges,cars or sofas please )....with cash either way!!
  22. thanks greg....mailbox is now cleared abit! thanks for the link dick....you're welcome to come and try the aeola ..Are you down south at all in the near future?
  23. hi, I have a wheatstone treble aeola from 1911 number 25185 that I'm not playing I bought it from an advert on here in april 2008 ( if someone tech could do a link that would be great...!) Since I've had it ,it has had new bushings ,valves and been fine tuned by nigel sture in kingsbridge. Its a fantastic concertina ,but I think I'm a lachenal man! I don't really want to sell it ,so its up for swaps.....possibly for an early edeophone? all the best,simon
  24. I'm happy and yes ,you're right with quieter playing the neighbours should be ( a bit ) happier too!!!
  25. I've now done all the key to lever bushings and that has made it much quieter.
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