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  1. I’m off to France this afternoon on the ferry.....does anyone know if I’m now allowed to take my rosewood new model to France and back from England.with new rules on rosewood is there any chance of it being confiscated? thanks simon
  2. Not sure about the range John, but it’s bound to be slow......
  3. I'd like to buy a tenor treble or a baritone treble. Condition not important but must have potential!! Preferably in the UK. Thanks simon P.s sorry about the 2 posts...I only want 1 instrument!
  4. Yes wolf at worst replacement bellows......but to me they just looked they needed a few better skived corner patches
  5. Yesterday a top period metal ended tenor treble aeola in great condition with a lovely provenance sold for £2351 .......... A bargain. ....? A sign of the times , or cautious buying due the fact that that the concertina spent half of its life upside doing somersaults !?
  6. A very nice looking metal ended tenor treble from Geoff's favourite period 31000ish has just sold on eBay to Chris algar for a mere £2351........it was on there for a week so had plenty of 'market exposure'. That's sounds pretty low to me? More of a crash than a drop?
  7. thank you geoffrey, it must be this chap! It is a lachenal 20key , rebadged with a coppleston(e) concertina label, piano warehouse , barnstaple.
  8. Does anyone know anything about coppleston concertinas from Barnstaple....late 19th century? Thank you in advance from north Devon! Simon
  9. Could we have more details and prices please.
  10. thanks john.... does anyone know his mobile?
  11. does anyone have his mobile or email address please? all the best, simon
  12. hi rob , is there nothing stamped on the inside of the metal work underneath the thumbstraps?It normally has 'wheatstone' and the number below it somewhere around the 3 drilled thumbstrap holes. When you say 'best'........ Are the 31000 concertinas abit more 'refined' , well balanced and better for chordal music? and do the earlier instruments 22/23000 seem a bit more raw and honky ? (is honky a word?.......... ) and suited for melody of traditional music?
  13. how does it compare rob to the vast number of other model 22s/24s you've played? I'm guessing your boyd is around 22/23000?
  14. hi Don, I'm just down in devon, so is there any chance I can come up to you and have a play on it.......purely in the interest of scientific research!......
  15. geoff et al, do you sometimes find that you'll make a set of pipes that turn out to be 'magic', and you've done nothing different than the last twenty you made..... we certainly used to find this with manufacturing surfboards.......out of the blue something special would appear with no real rhyme or reason. I'm sure this is the same with concertinas, the Boyd 'hype as bw77 said is good marketing and nothing more.....a hundred years of rumour and exaggeration( though something must have started the rumour)....yet I'm still sucked in by it and would love to have one!!!!!........ It would be nice to hear Rob's (conzertino) opinion as he has had a wheatstone boyd for a long time and has owned alot of model 22 concertinas.(But its only 1 boyd so if its good it could be a lucky one) we do need to get all the good metal trebles together and play and compare them......
  16. can we have a photo of your lachenal new model aswell please Jay? Is the wheatstone just a louder instrument or Are there other differences when playing? Did you buy the lachenal boyd from a chap (chilton) in france? I love the romanticism of the idea that the Boyds are better instruments but I've only every played one....... and that was a lachenal though it did have a wim wakker rivetted action in it and a great set of new bellows made by him aswell. It played really well but I don't recall it being particularly loud........ Perhaps a meeting needs to be arranged for metal ended treble concertinas only from the late 19th and early 20 th century....... possibly in devon!!!
  17. I would like a wooden ended tenor or baritone treble english concertina..... I have a 1915 wheatstone aeola treble with wooden ends or a 1920 ish wheatstone wooden ended baritone to swap , but not much available cash..... all the best, simon
  18. hi barry, I've messaged you...........I think devon is just about the uk !!!
  19. I'd like to buy an earlyish brass reeded treble...... Not worried if it's concert pitch. Baffles would be good and hence nice and quiet.......so as not to wake the baby....... All the best from Devon, Simon
  20. My experience with printed labels is that they don,t look very good as the contrast isn't,t good enough. This is based on some Wheatstone labels I saw a few years ago.... I,m sure technology has much improved.... But is it possible to produce one now that is identical to an original? If anyone wants to take on this challenge with their tech skills........I,ll happily donate a tenner to the RNLI if one is produced!!
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