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  1. Chris algar has a baritone treble aeola for sale at the moment on his website......number 29395. This concertina was discussed in a thread in October 2014 as it was for sale on eBay( sorry I can't do a thread link). As far as i know when on eBay it had its original ends.Does anyone know who made the new ends for it?

  2. Is this Geoff because you have a vested interest in me "buggering up" my /your lachenal new model!!.....?

    I do see your logic however........but if I can't afford a tenor or baritone treble then do you agree it makes sense as a last resort.


  3. I would love a wooden ended tenor treble,they are however rare and expensive........ justifying spending 3500-4000 pounds to the family so I can have a low c,d and e is tricky .......

    I do however have a very good treble.would it be feasible to add some solder to the 4 a flat and g sharp reeds so that I have one aflat\g sharp and perhaps an f ,d and c?

    Has anyone done this or is it not a sensible idea?

  4. Thanks nic......I really want a wooden ended one.the world's oldest edeophone looks a bit delicate and the baritone treble has new ends.the metal ones look great but I doubt the family would agree!

     If I had a choice!!! I would like original wooden ends, original bellows........not bothered whether an aeola, edeophone or raised or flat 6 sided thingy......a good bit of fingernail wear and general patina would be appreciated!


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