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  1. Well I emailed Steve, (thanks Greg!!), And he has said a 64 key bass baritone tenor.....8 3/4 inches across......he probably has the strongest thumbs in the country.......
  2. Wolf, I love playing my baritone as it sounds lovely......but I essentially play it exactly the same way as my treble.The idea of the tenor or baritone treble is that I can improve my playing by adding some lower accompanying notes to tunes I already play........
  3. Nope ..... can't in any way do it automatically....... However if anyone can and they want to swap their baritone-treble for my baritone....message me please?
  4. I have a baritone.....so perhaps I should practice the opposite fingering in the treble range..... Save myself some money.......!!
  5. Does that mean it's actually a bass- baritone , not a baritone treble?
  6. I given up on those wolf!!...... The new model I was going to "butcher" is one of Geoff's favourite concertinas... I'm allowed the low f but that's it!
  7. I've seen him play twice .......once in Cornwall and once in Devon.I really enjoyed his playing.i think I shall make the effort to see him again this year.i might even pluck up the courage to ask him for a go!!
  8. Does anyone know what type of aeola Steve Turner normally plays...(very well!)
  9. Is this Geoff because you have a vested interest in me "buggering up" my /your lachenal new model!!.....?☺ I do see your logic however........but if I can't afford a tenor or baritone treble then do you agree it makes sense as a last resort.
  10. Thanks for the replies! I'm in agreement with you Wolf........... I like the idea of an f and d where the a flat is. And an e and g# or a c and g#
  11. I would love a wooden ended tenor treble,they are however rare and expensive........ justifying spending 3500-4000 pounds to the family so I can have a low c,d and e is tricky ....... I do however have a very good treble.would it be feasible to add some solder to the 4 a flat and g sharp reeds so that I have one aflat\g sharp and perhaps an f ,d and c? Has anyone done this or is it not a sensible idea?
  12. Thanks nic......I really want a wooden ended one.the world's oldest edeophone looks a bit delicate and the baritone treble has new ends.the metal ones look great but I doubt the family would agree! If I had a choice!!! I would like original wooden ends, original bellows........not bothered whether an aeola, edeophone or raised or flat 6 sided thingy......a good bit of fingernail wear and general patina would be appreciated!
  13. I’m off to France this afternoon on the ferry.....does anyone know if I’m now allowed to take my rosewood new model to France and back from England.with new rules on rosewood is there any chance of it being confiscated? thanks simon
  14. Not sure about the range John, but it’s bound to be slow......
  15. I'd like to buy a tenor treble or a baritone treble. Condition not important but must have potential!! Preferably in the UK. Thanks simon P.s sorry about the 2 posts...I only want 1 instrument!
  16. Yes wolf at worst replacement bellows......but to me they just looked they needed a few better skived corner patches
  17. Yesterday a top period metal ended tenor treble aeola in great condition with a lovely provenance sold for £2351 .......... A bargain. ....? A sign of the times , or cautious buying due the fact that that the concertina spent half of its life upside doing somersaults !?
  18. A very nice looking metal ended tenor treble from Geoff's favourite period 31000ish has just sold on eBay to Chris algar for a mere £2351........it was on there for a week so had plenty of 'market exposure'. That's sounds pretty low to me? More of a crash than a drop?
  19. thank you geoffrey, it must be this chap! It is a lachenal 20key , rebadged with a coppleston(e) concertina label, piano warehouse , barnstaple.
  20. Does anyone know anything about coppleston concertinas from Barnstaple....late 19th century? Thank you in advance from north Devon! Simon
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