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  1. Hi Geoff, SteveS has a 60 key aeola baritone for sale further down this page!....It now says withdrawn but you might twist his arm? All the best, Simon
  2. Thanks dowright for all that info. Could some of the new models, with higher button numbers be baritone trebles, or are all of those numbers just transposing baritones? It looks to me that with your extensive data base , lachenal probably didn't make any BTs?
  3. Thanks for that John.If Wheatstone thought it was a viable and saleable instrument to make, I'm surprised that lachenal didn't make any to compete?
  4. I think a few forum members have new model baritones, and searching leads to about 3 edeophone baritones sold over the years, but no baritone trebles. I'm guessing that if you and Geoff haven't come across any over the years, they probably don't exist.
  5. Hi Geoff, Did you count them all!!! You need to spend your money on croissants and red wine over the next few months , not lachenal new models...:-)
  6. Thanks Jim!....here's an instrument layout for you to get your head around..... The reason I asked is because I have a baritone edeophone pitched in b flat, an old salvation army concertina. So every note is a tone lower than a normal baritone.Which means that you can play it exactly as a normal baritone , but it sounds a tone lower.Or if you play it 2 rows forward, it plays as a normal (baritone )treble with the low notes lying below as you would expect for a BT, ..... except however that the b flats and e flats are in the middle rows........ I think that makes sense!!! I can see no mention of baritone trebles in the lachenal pricelists of the 20s and 30s. I remember someone counting the number of aeola BTs in the Wheatstone ledgers a few years ago and there being a total of just over 100 ish model 14, 15 and 16s in total.....
  7. Yes , what a great looking instrument........but a baritone not a baritone treble!!
  8. Has anyone ever seen or owned a baritone treble edeophone or new model.Did lachenal make them or was it purely a Wheatstone thing? Best wishes simon
  9. It looks like the sailors are holding a treble English edeophone. I wonder where that is now. Would be amazing provenance........ The only thing from the Antarctic I own is a stuffed rockhopper penguin.....!
  10. Just about thanks John.... How loud and cutting is this instrument please John?I'm guessing it sounds alot like a crabb Anglo? Thanks, Simon
  11. Good luck with the sale.....it looks like a fantastic instrument, and a bit special history wise aswell!
  12. Robbie.......You sold YOUR Wheatstone Boyd........did I read that correctly?....!
  13. Edeophones with serial numbers around the early 40000s are most likely to have rivetted actions.The later edeophones in the 50000s virtually all tend to have the normal lachenal hook action. I have a new model lachenal treble...which is essentially a 6 sided edeophone.........it has the hook action.I have owned numerous wheatstone treble aeolas and model 22s which have been very very good.But I've always found the new model a little bit better.Like Greg says ....horses for courses......and essential to try something before you buy it.All these instruments have had different lives over the last 100 years, but some I feel must have started life better. Good look with the edeophone hunt.... it'll be a tricky expedition!!
  14. I think that the general consensus wrt lachenals is that the quality varies enormously. There was a thread on it a few years ago.They had a very very good reed maker called Mr. Green ,whose instruments were exceptional, but they also had some pretty average reed makers.....try before you buy!?
  15. Great playing dick....very glad you're back!!
  16. I have a lachenal new model for sale.It is in great condition,has original 5 fold bellows, solid rosewood ends and was restored by Andy Norman about 10 years ago. It is exceptionally airtight, responsive and alive with a great tone and big volume. I am only selling it to fund a tenor treble. I would like £1900 o.v.n.o . and am down in Devon.
  17. Wolf, I can't remember, sorry.It was definitely in higher pitch than concert....I'm sure Paul will be able to help.
  18. I'm glad you're both enjoying them!!!...... they're both virtually identical except for the reeds, and they both play really really well and sound( from memory) very similar. I still have their daddy , an identical baritone, here in Devon!!
  19. Geoff and Wolf, as far as know it was fine tuned to its original tuning by Colin dipper 6 or 7 years ago.
  20. I'm still searching......would now consider metal ends
  21. No wolf I don't remember.......but that big a rebuild would have been spotted by Monsieur wooff ....
  22. Yes Wolf!...thank you. there's no mention of replacement ends in the original thread by Geoff so these must have been done since 2014?
  23. Chris algar has a baritone treble aeola for sale at the moment on his website......number 29395. This concertina was discussed in a thread in October 2014 as it was for sale on eBay( sorry I can't do a thread link). As far as i know when on eBay it had its original ends.Does anyone know who made the new ends for it?
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