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  1. hi all,

    I would be very grateful of some help and advice.......I would like to buy a wheatstone good period aeola , however they are expensive......2000 pounds at least. however I have been offered a brass reeded aeola for considerably less.....

    Basically i would like to know what are the downsides of a brass reeded treble aeola ....will it be quiet , will it be detrimental to the reeds if I push it, will they go out of tune easily if played loudly etc etc.....

    And ultimately will sometime down the road will i regret buying it and have wished I'd saved up some more money and bought a steel reeded aeola?

    All help/ advice gratefully received....I'm starting to lose sleep over this decision!!!!!! :unsure:

  2. hi ,

    i'm looking to buy a "nice" english concertina......Probably either a lachenal new model or a wheatstone with steel reeds, a quick response and I want it loud!!! my brass reeded wheatstone gets "lost' when playing with friends...

    Any help or suggestions on what to get would be much appreciated.....Im in england (south west) and have just over a thousand pounds to spend,maybe a bit more.thanks again

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