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  1. how are the bellows theo?
  2. Chris, I haven't got any metal-ended concertinas......therefore I COULD have justified it to my partner maybe !!
  3. where's it gone? I want it! it seems to have disappeared from ebay?
  4. anyone fancy breaking into manchester hobgoblin tonight..... check out their second hand english concertinas that have just come in...........Oh my god!
  5. I've been watching the lachenal..but the new photos have put me off it seems to have quite big splits in the action board and the reeds look really rusty.... any thoughts?
  6. thanks for the suggestions, but I really only want a 48 button treble. air levers are acceptable extras..
  7. sorry for any contradition/confusion tallship...!!was just trying to emphasize that I really want an exceptional player!!! I'm also prepared to pay top dollar ....not looking for a bargain!!!
  8. hi all, does anyone have or know of a super responsive,positive ,nimble metal ended treble for sale...i.e a raised ended wheatstone(22 ) or a lachenal new model ...Condition isn't too important but must play well!!! thank you simon
  9. the kesh jig...... thanks! still worth looking at the youtube clip...
  10. Hi all , I need help could some one please tell me the name of the jig that is the 3 rd one played on this you tube vid. I heard it a few times at sidmouth but never got round to asking anyone its on you tube if you type in "sarsfield's jig" (sorry for not being able to do the link) thanks, simon
  11. thank you I would also like some help on the different features within edeophones themselves...i.e.between early edeophones pre 1900 and the so called good period of edeophones when their serial numbers are in the 50,000?!are there marked improvements on the later edeophones or are some of the early ones potentially near perfect as well? and in what ways are they different?
  12. hi could any one please tell me the main differences between the majority of edeophones from the '20s...serial numbers in the 50,000s ,compared with earlier edeophones from say the late 1890s!! In terms of loudness, tone action and build quality. having read previous threads buying an edeophone seems to be a bit of a minefield.Is the variation in quality mainly within the later ones or is with all edeophones? finally given a choice which would you buy? ...("buy an aeola instead "is not an acceptable answer!) thanks very much..
  13. still for sale and now open to reasonable offers!!
  14. Has any one had any response?I emailed the seller over 24hours ago and have had no answer?
  15. This one has steel reeds and plays very well but I would like peoples' thoughts on the shape of the gold tooling on the bellows please. sorry about the title but I'd just had a bakewell tart with my tea ......hence alluding to Mr. Kipling.....
  16. These are the bellows of my george case concertina......hopefully this english concertina is about 1865...Does anyone know about the gold tooled pattern on the bellows?Its the same pattern as Jeffries?Did Jeffries copy George Case? or are these replacement Jeffries bellows from a slightly later period?
  17. morning, am trying to get in contact with Douglas Rodgers and Neil Wayne. Could someone be kind enough to give me their contact details please. thanks simon
  18. hey chris, perhaps a swap/ trade with the lachenal you have You're right, it would go well with your wheatstone baritone........
  19. to avoid any more confusion it has 5 fold bellows......one is hidden behind one of the ends in the photo
  20. hi chris, I won't put this on ebay......not out of principle but beacause I'm technically inept Its such a beautiful ,sweet sounding wheatstone ,and with the fact that D'alquen bought it ( for nearly 8 quid in 1860 ) surely someone with a historic interest in concertinas will want it? can anyone recommend anyone whose boat this might float..
  21. thanks very much randy. if this is the mr.green who was an exceptional reed maker it would indeed make sense and if he was still at lachenal in the 20s? he would have been in his 70s and probably very , very good at what he was doing? how do we recognise his reeds though? I've read else where on this forum that top end lachenal concertinas vary massively in their reed quality.I'd like to know if my reeds in my lachenal were made by him!!!!????is this an impossible question??!!!!! :blink:
  22. price reduction.......750 or near offer!!! :blink:
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