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  1. I played the metal ended piccolo sized treble of Betty Auckland's at Chris algars, maybe 14 or 15 years ago.....it was the best 'treble' he had up there.....I was very tempted to buy it, I wanted to buy it, but it was 2750 quid, which at the time seemed so expensive!🙄.....so I bottled it....

      Great playing in your socks Rob!


  2. I have been playing it as a baritone treble quite alot as it is at the moment, just remembering that b flat and e flat are in the middle columns not in the outer ones.....takes a little thought, but if I can do it , it can't be too tricky!





  3. Geoff, 

      Don't get too many complaints from the family, and the dog remains in the room....so I'm guessing it sounds good!....As with certain lachenals the reeds seem to be set exceptionally well, so the response is very fast.

       It's worth noting that if you changed the b and b flat reeds around and the e and e flat reeds you would have a 48 key baritone treble.....

  4. Does anyone have an unloved treble English languishing on a workshop shelf  looking for a home.Must have potential and be in concert pitch !

    Anything else I'll have a go at repairing.

    All the best




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