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  1. I have a large edeophone baritone pitched in b flat, it is a really good instrument, fantastic fun but not quite as good as it could be....until now!

      Several people/ restorers have tried to make it great,but it's a fickle beast especially at the low end.A couple of months ago I was down in South Devon, so I took it into Nigel Sture as one of the end bolts was slipping and I hoped he had a replacement knocking around in a box....He was adamant ,that as well as sort the bolt he could get the thing playing consistently and quickly through the bottom end.....I was doubtful....

     Anyway I picked it up yesterday....Nigel had aged ten years in 2 months.....he had revalved it, a couple of different ways before he was happy with it, he had replaced reeds which were weak, and wouldn't remain in tune, he had fixed air leaks around certain reeds.....he had gone beyond the call of duty, and the end result is the edeophone plays beautifully, quick and lively with a remarkable even tone through out.

      He also charged me his standard valve replacement and tuning price despite the job, taking a ridiculous amount of time.

       I am really impressed with the job , so I thought it was worth mentioning here, and that Nigel deserved some credit where others have struggled.

       All the best, I'm off now to play it, again.


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  2. I played the metal ended piccolo sized treble of Betty Auckland's at Chris algars, maybe 14 or 15 years ago.....it was the best 'treble' he had up there.....I was very tempted to buy it, I wanted to buy it, but it was 2750 quid, which at the time seemed so expensive!🙄.....so I bottled it....

      Great playing in your socks Rob!


  3. I have been playing it as a baritone treble quite alot as it is at the moment, just remembering that b flat and e flat are in the middle columns not in the outer ones.....takes a little thought, but if I can do it , it can't be too tricky!





  4. Geoff, 

      Don't get too many complaints from the family, and the dog remains in the room....so I'm guessing it sounds good!....As with certain lachenals the reeds seem to be set exceptionally well, so the response is very fast.

       It's worth noting that if you changed the b and b flat reeds around and the e and e flat reeds you would have a 48 key baritone treble.....

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