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  1. The concertina has now been shipped to the Button Box. Thank you all ! Thanks Andre
  2. Still available. $3,900.00 anyone ? Before I list it somewhere else. Thanks folks ! Andre
  3. I am selling my Jeff Thomas concertina (#3). C/G 31 buttons, 6 bellows. Great instrument. Asking US $4,200.00 (5,300.00 new). Jeffries layout. 31st button: F#push/C pull. It looks like this: http://www.thomasconcertinas.com Thank you for looking ! Andre
  4. There will be a concert by Noel Hill at the Capitol Theater, downtown Olympia, at 7.30 tomorrow night (Sunday August 14th). 206, 5th Avenue SE. http://www.olympiafilmsociety.org Thank you all! Andre
  5. For Celtic music you'll find that the tutoring material (books, DVDs etc., as well as classes) overwhelmingly caters to anglo players. But it doesn't mean that Celtic music doesn't sound wonderful on English concertinas. Spend some time on YouTube and find out which one you like better. Simon Thoumire's style vs Noel Hill's, to name two of the most prominent exponents of either system.
  6. Post it on the Session.org. Could be helpful. Although those boxes are in such demand, it could cut both ways...
  7. Yes, my fault, it's on the Button Box site. Sorry!
  8. You mean like this one ? http://www.buttonbox/cau0518.html/ Sounds like a good deal by comparison !
  9. Actually, it wouldn't be a bad idea to order a new one now. (Suttner or whatever)You won't need to pay for the whole thing right away, and by the time you get it, say 4 years from now, you'll have saved the money. (mechanical engineers are in demand, you know, even in hard times such as these) Besides, if you don't want it, chances are you'll find somebody eager to snatch it from you! The concertinas being built today are outstanding (Suttner, Thomas, Carroll, Ghent et al. for the higher end stuff...). For what it's worth.
  10. Another possible source for a concertina: http://concertina.free.fr/annonces.html No, it doesn't mean it's a free concertina, and it's gone by now, most likely, but you can find the right instrument, with a little patience. All you needed to do, Gusten, is sell $500.00 worth of your mother's jewelry, and there ya go !
  11. The price seems very reasonable indeed, compared with the Ab/Bb Jeffries currently for sale at the Button Box. That one can be yours for $13.000.00 !
  12. Aye, a good job alright .... & I see he lines them with Velvet too! One word of caution regarding dimensions: the case is 9"&3/8 by 7" & 3/8 W and also 7& 3/8th up to the inside of the lid, WITHOUT the padding. So it's a pretty snug fit for a Thomas or a Lachenal. I don't know about an English Wheatstone... You may need the next size up.
  13. Yep, the Stormcase is the best deal around. Very sturdy and waterproof, it's what Jeff Thomas uses for his boxes, and that in itself is a pretty good indicator of their quality! (check out his website for the pic)
  14. Anybody out there who knows of a recording of The Trip to Windsor on Anglo? I know that Simon Thoumire recorded it, but it's on English, of course. Thanks a lot.
  15. just so you know, new makers have a waiting list often of 3+ years. so, plan your purchase three years ahead of when you'll have the money. There is one new maker that makes superb instruments, with a shorter waiting list (he hasn't built that many yet): Jeff Thomas. Absolutely top class. (I am the proud owner of one of his beauties). So, give it some thought.
  16. It's very steep. You can actually get a perfect AA (with zinc plates) for U.S $6,000.00 tops, and anywhere between $3,500.00 and $6,000.00. $11,000.00 kiwi is U.S$8.700. I am an AA bandoneon owner myself. For that money, I'd order a new one from Harry Geuns, an excellent manufacturer, and I'd still have enough money left to buy a concertina! Very funny, Leo !
  17. Absolutely. Surprising how many concertina questions end this way. 30 or 38 button. G/D or C/G. English or anglo. Crane or MacCann. Traditional reeds or accordion reeds. Wooden ends or metal ends. You pays your money and you takes your choice. Chris Right. But it doesn't hurt to ask around before you plonk down your big bucks. This is what this kind of forum is for.
  18. Well, all very good points, and very informative. I remember hesitating between the two options when I started out, and my experience with the accordion helped me: switching fron B/C to C#/D, it was all about bellows reversal. I found out that the switch was extremely beneficial to my mastery of the bellows (although I'm not the best of players). Likewise, learning on a 30-button can teach you a thing or two about bellows reversal, perhaps making you a better player than if you had had a 38-button as your first instrument. Then should I decide to go for a 38-button in a few years, it'll be all gravy. I'm of course talking mostly about Irish music, Chris, but I don't want to circumscribe the debate. The other consideration of course is price: those new 38-buttons can be quite expensive.
  19. Sorry, Greg, I obviously got tangled up in this reply thing. I wonder how Noel Hill feels about 38-buttons. Doesw anybody know ?
  20. Thanks for the info. I actually play a 31 c/g and am quite happy with it. I was just wondering wether the 38-button was a lot better, with obviously more possibilites in the phrasing and chords. I'll have to try one I guess.
  21. Hi there to all of you. This is my first post, and it's probably been debated before, but I'm curious about the advantages of the 38-button vs the 30 button. Does it make that much of a difference ? I notice that top players like Micheal O'Raghallaigh, Tim Collins, Edel Fox, Padraig Rynne, to name a few, all play 38-buttons. I am not sure about Noel Hill, though. Unless you play a 38-button Suttner you are not part of the cream, seems like (just kidding). Any thoughts on the subject ? Not all new manufacturers make them either. Thank you.
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