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  1. A lovely tune to play on the concertina. It appears on Chris Sherburn and Findlay Napier's CD 'Two Men On A Boat' titled 'Tender The Cattle', and I suspect the youtube video above cuts off Chris's introduction - possibly should be 'Tender The Cattle With A Lonely Heart'?

    I agree that this is 'Caisleán An Óir'  and have not found any other references to 'Tender The Cattle' (yet). I tried working out the tune from Chris's playing and came up with this basic tune:

    X: 1
    T: Tender The Cattle
    R: reel
    M: 4/4
    L: 1/8
    K: GDor
    D2 GA B3 d|dcde f4|gfdc AdcA|GA (3GFD F4|
    D2 GA B3 d|dcde f4|gfdc AdcA|dGGF GFDC|
    D2 GA B3 d|dcde f4|gfdc AdcA|G2 GF GFDC|
    D2 GA B3 d|dcde f4|gfdc AdcA|(3AAG (3GGF G4||
    d2 ga b3 a|gfde f3 g/2a/2|gfdc AdcA|dGGF GFDC|
    D2 GA B3 d|dcde f4|gfdc AdcA|(3AAG (3GGF G4|
    d2 ga b3 a|gfde f2 (3fga|gfdc AdcA|G2 GF GFDC|
    D2 GA B3 d|dcde f4|gfdc AdcA|(3AAG (3GGF G4||


    This is a link to the youtube of Chris and Findlay playing the tune: 


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  2. I have been working on getting a good recording of my anglo concertina. This is my effort at 'The Sheep in the Boat' played on a Marcus Music C/G standard anglo.

    I recorded this on a Boss Micro-BR digital recorder, using the built-in microphone - the guitar backing was recorded in the same way. I used Audacity and Cakewalk by Bandlab software to add a touch of compression and EQ and to mix levels. I hope to fine-tune the recording process further, so this is very much a work in progress.

    I first heard this tune on Brenda Castles' Indeedin You Needn't Bother CD, which I would highly recommend.


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  3. I have uploaded a tab of this tune, written by John Dwyer, based on Padraig Rynne's excellent version posted in the Videos & Music forum a while ago.

    The tab is based on Gary Coover's notation method which is well documented elsewhere, though please let me know if you need clarification.

    Please let me know if you spot any errors.

    The tune is well documented on the web, but if there are copyright issues I will of course remove this.


    Tabbed for Anglo concertina in C/G.





    sunny hills of beara tab .pdf

  4. 3 hours ago, Martin M said:

    I'd say that's Sunny Hills of Beara by John Dwyer

    Thanks Martin. I have looked on TheSession website, and it does indeed appear to be 'The Sunny Hills of Beara'. What a great tune.

    Mystery solved!

    Much appreciated,




  5. Excellent musicianship.

    I've been playing the first tune in this set for a few months now - nowhere near as good as Padraig though. Does anyone know the name of the tune and who wrote it?

    I've written some notation for this but am reluctant to publish in case it is covered by copyright.




  6. Forgive me...


    Please interpret this not as criticism, but as a bit of a music lesson (dare I use the word "theory"?). Several of the entries in this thread seem to be missing an opportunity that this tune offers.


    Considering the tune in the key of D, the A section ends on an A chord (the dominant, or five chord), and this tonality will be considerably more convincing (satisfying, if you will) if it is preceded by an E major (or 7th) chord, with a G# in there that's not in the key signature of D. This creates a tension that drives the harmonic movement forward. This is called a secondary dominant, or "five of five."


    Thanks for the suggestion, David. I have tried this and, to me, it does indeed sound better.



  7. Hi,


    I often play this tune but haven't checked the book for a long time. It does appear that the F should be held for the 3 beats while playing the A D and C - all on the C row. The A and D are both pulled, but the C is pushed, which is not possible using the right hand button 6 if you want to hold the F. On the accompanying CD I don't hear the F being held, and it sounds fine to me.


    Anyway, a nice little tune to get the left and right hand working together. Good Luck with it.





  8. A bit off topic, but I have just realised I received my Rochelle two years ago today! OK, I had to check my diary - this isn't the kind of thing I carry around in my head.

    I will have to think of a way to celebrate tonight, and also apologise to my partner for putting up with me for the last two years.



  9. Hi,

    I bought my Rochelle a year or so ago from http://www.themusicroom-online.co.uk/

    I found them efficient and friendly, and received some good advice on the choice of instrument before ordering.

    I cannot comment on whether the Rochelle is the right choice for you as I have nothing to compare it with, but I play it just about every day which must say something about the quality of the instrument.


    Good luck.



  10. Brilliant! This should keep me busy for quite a while. Thanks for sharing this.


    When looking for music for tunes I want to learn I tend to try thesession.org initially. I am currently learning 'The Northern Lass', and when I found nothing in the usual places I went back to google and found the following - Richard Robinson's tunebook http://www.leeds.ac.uk/music/Info/RRTuneBk/tunebook.html This may already be well known (?), but thought I'd share it anyway.


    By the way, I do not have the chords to 'The Northern Lass' yet, so if anyone can point me in the right direction..... In the meantime, I'm having fun working it out for myself.




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