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    I am playing a wonderful 3-rows castagnari since years, I play and sing traditional music from Europe (France, Scandinavia, east of Europe, Italy, England, ...) play guitar too, I have engagments, give little intimate shows in sympathetic and warm cafés, play in the street and subway sometimes...<br />I make natural fabrics kimonos and print on them, patterns created and inspitated from ethnies of the world, old works, circus ... <br />I taste the world with all my senses and marvel to little things...<br />If my english is a little special, it's because I am a parisian immigrated to Canada 10 years ago !
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    Montréal, CANADA

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  1. Salut les copains ! I came back enchanted from the April workshop in Amherst, working on my first tune on my new companion.... and Do want to come at the squeeze-in in September... I live in Montréal and will probably camp there... Y a-t-il des hommes de bonne volonté ?!!! Thank you for your answers by avance caroline
  2. Hello my friends, As I asked mister Algar weeks ago for a 48-keys Crane duet and donot know how much time it will take, I throw a call to everyone ! I am going to the Amherst festival and really would desire to have my tina there to tame it ! I am looking for a good instrument in good shapes, woody and not metal ends if possible, to accompany songs too, a nice and colorful new friend, with a mellow and deep sound... as lighter as possible ! and in tunes ! Thank you for your support, caroline
  3. Hello Henri, I have just wrote to Mister Algar, I am convinced he will be the best person for my need ! He doesn't have Crane 48 for the moment. Does the 55-Crane have more keys on the left hand ? Why is it better ? Did you mean it isn't bigger and heavier ? Is it really possible ? The price should be !!!
  4. Andrew, Thank you for your vues based on your experience. Why is it a disadvantage to have accidental on the outside rows on a Crane ? Unfortunately I will not have the chance to try both, even one of them because THe only 4 concertina players in Montréal plays on other kinds of tinas !!! What could you tell me about the sound comparing a Lachenal 48-K Crane (Mister Algar told me it would be this ) and a 55-K Mc Cann ?
  5. Hello my new friends, Since weeks I documented myself about different types of concertinas, exchanged mails with some of you, listened a lot and profited by wise and generous advices, I have been to the history site to see the layouts, .... I am decided about the concertina I want : a crane (or a MC Cann ?) 48 keys with wooden ends and a warm, mellow, deep and talkative timber... !!! I will probably buy my instrument to Chris Algar. But I need advices again, from duet players this time ! I would like to know about the sizes (I donot want a too big instrument), what about the straps (thumb or hand ?) what about the different sounds, how would you characterize and name wheatstone, Lachenal, Triumphs McCann, ... mechanically, soundly... talking ??? Crane seems easier to play to my logical but anyway, I could get used I think to any, i will work on it... Any information is welcomed... I am to sell my celtic harp and two beautiful bandoneons to be able to add to the price of my concertina ! Well, thank you to make me benefit from your experience again ! Caroline
  6. Hello Léo, Thank you for the beautiful Emma's finnish waltz, I will learn it for sure ! I love scandinavian melancholic melodies... I already knew nyckelharpa, I had somewhere a plan to build one, I ordered it from the stockolm museum years ago... My witness when I married was a nyckelharpa maker !!!! I love this wonderful instrument and one day, I will learn to play it ...
  7. Hello, Your wife was really inspired and she must be,( as most of the women !!!), a very careful person with a delicate heart ...She knows you... for sure. So good luck and wishes for the new year with your instrument, discoveries and surprises are the most interesting period, like in love !!!
  8. hello Stephen, You are the lucky owner of a really beautiful concertina, i am sure you will have a lot of pleasure with your new friend, let us listen when you will be ready ! How is the sound ? caroline
  9. Hello folks ! Hello little kids !!! Hello Allan, Allan, I congratulate you for your sympathetic proposition, I understood it like a proposition to make things more human too. Each one of us is free to discover his name (if not already done) or to stay anonymous. I think everybody here is respectful. I think as Dana people here in this forum are very nice and have good intentions, share a same passion. I personally live far from most all of you and am sure nobody knows or recognizes me ! But anyway, I am who I am and donot have anything to hide !!! Please, let's stay in good humour, far from the red and big ... I choose a pseudo as required by the forum when you subscrive, valse lente is my favorite tune, the one I prefer to play, the one with which I end a little show, the one who makes my ex jolipapa cry !!! I personally say my name to persons I correspond with, very simply, we won't make it a politic affair ! I forgot the essential I should have begun with : my name is Caroline Sniter !!! Happy to meet you everybody !
  10. Hello guys, The song in the film is a very old french song my mum sung to me, in another minor melody !!! If I had the cam to record or something I would sing it for you ! I donot understand Allan I am sorry, it sounds to me very surrealistic wrinting, maybe because of my english... and because I donot know the references you talk about, I must look like an old pinched lady without sense of humour or maybe a woman from Mars planet !!! Anyway I am from Paris and live in Canada since 10 years, my identity stays parisian, ... jewish, from here and elsewhere, from here and everywhere !!!
  11. Hello everybody, I am the questions girl, always want to know things, ask questions like kids !!! Well, well, well... Who plays the concertina in Montreal or around in Québec province ? I need to meet people there, to hear them play and talk of their instrument, try myself too ! Thank you for your answers....
  12. Hello to everybody ! What do you think of this instrument on ebay "buy it now" a beautiful rosewood, looking in good shape, bellows, ... do you know this seller, do you know this instrument ? what about the sound ? I donont know how to send the link directly I am sorry !!! "rosewood lachenal 48 keys" 1500 $ US buy it know, # 300 1664 32405
  13. Hello everybody ! I am restoring a 20-keys anglo and will replace the old paper which glues off ! Fortunately, I print on fabric by hand, this is my work ! I will create the colors and patterns on this linen or cotton, but I ask which glue should I use for this step, please ? All my pigments are natural and non-toxic ! Thank you for your advices...
  14. Hello everybody ! I am brand new on this forum and not used with the internet, I only have a computer since a month ! At last, say my friends ! I am a diatonic button accordion player but I would like to begin to play the concertina. I would like to get in touch with basses (rythm, accompaniement, the same feeling so complete as with my castagnari !) do you think first a 30-keys anglo would be the best ? Idealy, I would like a chromatic concertina to be free to improvise and to hear what I play without the push and pull. I've been to enquiry on the web to know the luthiers making some... well, I cannot pay in a shot for 5ooo livres or more ! What do you think about an Edgley or a morse ceili ? tell me about their sound and almost prices if you can... could you advice me something else ? Do you know about the chromatic anglo wheatstone ? Ilike color and wouldn't like a whole brand black bellow, it is not a detail for me . I would like a concertina with deep and rich sound with talkative basses and colorful langage, I don't like high tone... What about the tunning, I am used to sing with my G/C/alterations accordion, would it be a G/C ? what about thejeffries, wheatstone, ... tuning, how to choose ? I would like a beautiful wooden one with thumb straps maybe ... could you tell me the difference between thumb and hand straps please ? I must tell you that I only function by ear, I don't read the music or even have no idea of the key that I play ! I function with my ears and my heart !!! So many questions ! I want to learn, I am brand new in the magicworld of th concertina, please, be nice !
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