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  1. For those interested in English concertina, Rick Epping was on RTE1 TV tonight along with Seamie O'Dowd, I think he was. Anyway Rick plays English, mouth organ and Jew's harp. Details at http://www.rte.ie/tv/thefullset/ probably will appear in the archives sooner or later. They played a variety of music, thought the mouth organ tended to drown out the concertina a bit, probably too close to mic. Most of the music wouldn't do much for me but it was interesting nonetheless. It's another of these RTE productions trying to present trad music in a new light etc. but I think I'd just prefer trad as trad. edited to add, keep an eye out here, I think: http://www.rte.ie/player/#s=latest&g=2009-08-14
  2. You might start like that but you'll limit yourself severely if you have to reel off a list of buttons or notes to play a tune - works ok on easy tunes but you'll tie yourself in knots as you progress. The best way is to learn the Sound that each button makes (in both directions) - have the tune in your head (like Twinkle Twinkle) and then let your brain steer you to the right button, without thinking about it too much. Do you play another instrument? That helps, try the tunes you know from that first, try and figure them out with a little trial & error. Soon enough, your brain will learn where to find the sound (tones) that you need. If you don't already play another instrument, then stick at first to tunes/ ditties that you know well and can hum etc. Have a go at these first, 'cos you'll know when you hit a wrong note - it won't sound right. Folks here will probably give all sorts of other advice, but the above is where you need to be going, imho. Trust this assists.
  3. Thanks Daniel, interesting bit of history in those links.
  4. What sort of machine is this? The bellows seem very elaborate for a basic looking box.
  5. Well, if the seller is just not answering - where would you know where to send the cash to??
  6. Traditional music is traditionally learnt by ear, mostly. If you learn by ear, you'll tend to play the twiddly bits, because that's what you hear. You might simplify them a bit, here & there, to get the gist of a tune but sooner or later you start adding them in, otherwise it doesn't sound 'right', 'cos you have a version in your head, not on a page.
  7. A few days .. but then they get stuck in customs for a few months, that's if they don't blow em up on basis that they're suspicious objects
  8. I heard Noel Hill himself say as much at Willie Week concertina bash in 2008. We had heard a steady diet of jigs, reels & hornpipes, all grand tunes but Noel must have sensed the gap and he coming on last chose to play, I think it was Limericks Lamentation. However he introduced it by observing that the (Anglo) concertina wasn't the easiest instrument on which to render airs. Odd, because there's some fine air playing on the button accordion which you'd think would have same deficiencies: difficulty in bending a note, hard to slide up into a note etc. And anglo offers more double noting and chord possibilities than box I would think. I like playing a few airs myself but mostly prefer to play on flute.
  9. That's simple to answer! It's because Irish Trad is great music and lots of people want to play it - fiddle, box, flute, whistle, pipes, banjo or concertina - take your pick. I believe the Anglo is the choice as far as concertinas go because it was historically cheaper and more widely available than other systems.
  10. Well, that was a close call - having helped to clear out my father-in-law's cellar a few years ago, I know how easy it is to fill skiploads of 'junk' without looking too closely.
  11. Sounded a bit strong alright, but maybe Fergus was reflecting on, I think it was David Levine's experiences with buying instruments in the above mentioned country?
  12. I have a chart from Juergen - on left side B/Bb (mid row) and D/D drone button - on right side E/F# (mid row) C/D (inside row) and F/F# drone place. C#/C# on top row. Otherwise fairly standard.
  13. What about the A5 instrument - 35 buttons, that splits the difference, sort of!!
  14. Looks like the same seller and Suttner instruments do have screws in those positions that look like extra buttons. What I still find curious is the sellers description - sounds like an ordinary punter who sadly has to sell their instrument due to financial circumstances but as far as I can see (and a couple of other members have pm'd me confirming similar), Sean is some kind of dealer and/or teacher who wheels and deals in concertinas. So it rings a bit hollow and as for "Every one who plays irish music has one and highly recommends them" - well, I was at Willie Week recently and saw many kinds of concertinas: Lachenal, Crabb, Jeffries, Rochelle, Morse, Marcus, Boorinwood etc. and a few Suttners....
  15. If your tent is half decent and doesn't let in too much rain - that'll be fine. But I wouldn't leave anything too valuable unattended in a tent - so, the car boot or other shaded part of car if you must go out for a while etc. Just watch the sun doesn't overheat it where you leave it - that's if you get any sun
  16. Just curious .. but I noted that Noel did not take any part in organising or tutoring the classes for the Willie Week this year - Tim Collins took that on.
  17. Lovely images - well exposed and nicely cropped. Not at all easy to get good images in indoor lighting that look natural. I don't see much evidence of flash - did you just use available stage lighting? Must have a fast lens as usually when you zoom in as you might in this situation, you lose aperture. You must be going to bring out a book of images at some stage Peter!!
  18. Ditto and good luck to you! But I don't think it's very 'ethical' Jurgen should allow people to change by all means but put them to the back of the list!! Look at it this way - it's open to abuse. You don't have to go very far down this road till people will join waiting lists and then farm them off on eBay or elsewhere. I'm surprised
  19. Now why didn't I think of that!! A bit of queue jumping.. :) One of the downsides, methinks of having non returnable deposits is that you just end up with people on a waiting list who are not really waiting anymore. So they are sort of obliged to buy the instrument or lose deposit. So, they sell it on at a profit. Hmm.. not a great system - but I suppose makers have to guard someway against people ordering and then pulling out. Personally I think that the deposit should be returnable up to the point that work starts on the instrument. But hey, I'm just a punter
  20. The Jolly Beggarman falls very handily on the C/G anglo, played mostly on the middle row, lots of nice F nats - easy peasy, lemon squeezy.. but I'm not really a show off - prefer to just make good music
  21. The seller is fairly quiet - it'd be interesting to know if Sean O'Fearghail is a dealer in concertinas? His history of comments on this site reads oddly to say the least - I think he has advertised a Jeffries, Wakker and now a Suttner, all high end instruments and all in a short space of time. No problem of course, if he is a dealer, but I think he should make that clear. Anybody who monitors this site for a while gets to know of people who buy & sell fairly regularly and it usually fairly obvious i.e. 'I bought this and did the following xyz to it, it now plays well etc...." but not so, with Sean - his messages read more like an ordinary punter
  22. People seem to accept some sort of assumption that (good) musical instruments will always rise in value - like the proverbial property market here in Ireland!! I can see why Lachenals or Jeffries instruments might rise in value - they don't make them anymore but the general norm with new used equipment is that it falls in value. You can still have a Suttner or Dipper or whatever made and what's a few years between friends
  23. A Suttner A2 31 button C/G with ebony ends is currently Euro 3990, according to his website, as far as I can see. That's a huge difference!!
  24. Ah!, another blow struck against the scourge of globalisation and the global market. Think global and shop local etc.!! Who would have thought UPS & Fedex would lead the charge!! Seriously though, this doesn't really add up - there are all sorts of companies shipping and moving goods around, worth well in excess of these figures. Or do these limits just apply to the ordinary public sending items that are easily damaged like musical instruments?
  25. What grade of instrument are you looking for: we have a Boorinwood 'beginner' type anglo here, 30 button.
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