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  1. Hello all, Here is a link to a video of a recent performance of mine at On the Boards, a venue here in Seattle. I play two compositions for Anglo concertina. Best, Steven
  2. Hello! I just posted a short video of myself performing one of my songs. Halfway through, my friend's son has a cameo appearance in which he gets up and says "I'm getting out of here!" And then he does get out. http://www.vimeo.com/2694206
  3. Out of curiosity, I checked out the sheet music from the Seattle Public Library, and am working on it. I'll let you all know if I succeed ... Until then, here's a song of mine that features a few chromatic runs: Beecher's Bibles Best! Steven
  4. thank you all for the kind words! i've played a few shows here in seattle that have gone well, but i'm trying to get the songs out a little more--i tend to make things and then hide them, so i'm trying to 'be brave' & step out a little more with these. steven
  5. hello everyone, i wanted to briefly announce that i've put an album of original music for solo concertina and voice online, hosted at archive.org. this link will take you to a page where you can select to hear the songs or download a PDF of the sheet music. this project has occupied me for a long time, but i'm sure there are many mistakes in the sheet music, for which i apologize. i deeply pondered whether i should try to sell these or just give them away, and finally opted for the giveaway. i haven't made any money from music yet in this life ... why start now? the concertina is a 2005 Tedrow Zephyr. best, steven
  6. John & all, Thanks for your responses, and the information on other sources. I've been working on my own, in comparative isolation, and had wondered if there were pre-established strategies for the things I was struggling with. You've given me a lot to think about. Best, Steven
  7. Hello Concertina Community, I'm a frequent lurker about these pages, and have been reading the commentary about Alan Lochhead's new book (which I have on order at a local store). I've been struggling with similar quandaries this past year, as I've been working on a book of original tunes. One thing that's come up on these pages is the value of peer review, somewhat for the benefit of the community as a whole. As my system is different than Mr. Lochhead's, I thought I would post it here. If anyone has the interest to page though, I would greatly appreciate any feedback or ideas. This essay gives an overview (.pdf): Notation System and there are two examples of tunes: Don't You Want to Go to Heaven, Uncle Sam? Muddy Heart with a recording of each: Don't You Want to Go to Heaven, Uncle Sam? Muddy Heart Thanks very much in advance to anyone who cares to have a look/listen, and apologies in advance if any of the links are broken (I'm somewhat bad at Internetting)! Best, Steven Arntson
  8. I'm searching for a 30-36 button G/D Anglo (pref. 6-8 bellows folds and Lachanal-style note arrangement). I'm interested primarily in Herrington or Edgely, or a concertina-reeded refurbishment project. I'm afraid I can only go up to about $1500 US, but I thought I'd check here just in case. I'm a very enthusiastic player, and I guarantee the instrument won't gather a speck of dust!
  9. I can't imagine this is a fabulous instrument, but I was curious if anyone knows anything about H J Ward and sons? http://cgi.ebay.com/ANTIQUE-H-J-WARD-SONS-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  10. Hello All, A question for anyone familiar with hybrid-style Anglos (Tedrow, Edgely, Morse, Herrington ... others?). I'm wondering about the comparative robustness of the various makes--that is, which is most likely to withstand somewhat rough handling from a player (thinking here not so much about dropping it on the floor as about vigorous, loud, chordal playing). The hybrid I currently own has served me very well, but over the year I've played it, it has developed several issues that have required frequent disassembly--stuck buttons, leaky pads/bellows, a cracked reed. This may simply be my lot as an overly-vigorous squeezer, but I was curious if anyone had opinions on this count, as I'm considering the purchase of a second instrument sometime in the near future. Thank you! Steve Arntson
  11. Hello All, I currently play a C/G 30 button Anglo (a Tedrow "Zephyr" model) with a 6-fold bellows. I play in a style that uses a lot of chords, and hogs air. I've been thinking about stepping 'down' (pitchwise) to a G/D instrument, because the key would fit my vocal range better, but I have a couple of questions: 1) Does the G/D use significantly more air than a C/G, and would people recommend a 7-fold instead of a 6-fold bellows? 2) I wonder also if the G/D is easily played while standing (an important part of my playing habit)--is it heavier, and if the unit does have a 7-fold bellows, is it as easily managed as a 6-fold? Thanks so much! Steven R. Arntson seattle, washington
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