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  1. Sold; and donation made to C.net. Thanks.
  2. This is another pandemic-era acquisition that I’m now offering to a new home. This would make an excellent starter, travel or office Crane duet. I bought this from another C-net member a bit more than a year ago, but between increased busy-ness and some health issues involving finger arthritis, I’m looking to reduce the number of instruments in the house (especially those that aren’t getting much playing time). It has the “learner” colored buttons with the note names printed on the white buttons; 5 fold bellows, and is in good playing shape. It’s not in original condition, as the ends are mismatched, but the left end is stamped “1062” (I think). Pads are pretty new; it’s been well cared for and put into playing condition. Asking $650 shipped to the continental USA in a padded Fuselli gig bag. Feel free to contact me for more pictures or with any questions.
  3. Replying to say that this is still available - I haven’t logged on to the site for months.
  4. It came with a simple fitted (but not very thickly padded) case from Chris; I had intended to ship it with that for the asking price. If you want something more protective, let's talk. I have a couple of other cases I could swap out from other instruments.
  5. In response to a question via PM, the accidental row keys are (push/pull): LH: G#/Bb; E/D; Eb/F RH: g#/bb; e/d; g#/f
  6. So I confess I can’t play the thing and everyone wants sound samples ? Attached is a file with a couple of scales on each row and simple in/out chords. This is just my phone put on a chair a foot in front of the instrument - no editing, no talent. Enjoy. New Recording 2.m4a
  7. Still Available: Price Reduced. Here’s a lovely little G/D Jones Anglo which came from Chris Algar at Barleycorn near the start of the pandemic. Every few years I get the idea that I’m going to learn Anglo; but then I realize after a few weeks of work that my brain doesn’t do the Anglo thing, and I need to stick to my duet. So, presented here for sale is my most recent folly. Someone will make much better use of it than I can. It has steel reeds, bone buttons, lovely dark green bellows and, again, just recently came from Barleycorn with pads, valves and tuning done. Please contact me with any questions or for more or better pics. $950USD shipped to the continental USA (less than what I paid for it).
  8. I second the recommendation for a hard resin case, but as I get older and my arthritis gets worse, I’ve found the standard Pelican latches to be much inferior to those used on the Nanuk cases. I think the equivalent Nanuk is the 908. (Disclaimer - I’ve not seen a pelican 2075, but am basing this on the other Pelicans I own for my sound recording equipment.)
  9. I have a like-new condition Jackie English concertina from concertinaconnection.com for sale. $225 includes shipping in the lower 48 states. Will ship internationally at cost. Instrument is located in Louisville, KY. Can supply pictures if interested. Tim Hall
  10. I think you're right. What confused me was the price as well as the mention of interchangeable reeds, which put me in mind of traditional concertina reeds in dovetailed slots. Concertina Connection have contributed to my confusion, in that the original "Geuns-Wakker" name has now apparently been split into the two current lines. Sorry if I contributed to uncertainty rather than clarity.
  11. I'm a bit confused. Is this a Wakker model, made with concertina reeds, in which case it seems to be a heck of a value (current price 3200 euros for the base model), or is it a Geuns model, made with accordion reeds? This may make a huge difference for many potential buyers. Tim
  12. I have an as-new Jackie for sale. It is the second version, with the expanded treble range to c and omitting the duplicated notes of the original. It is a couple of years old, and has been kept in a smoke-free home. Original soft case and tutor included. I have enjoyed messing about with the English system, but I think it's time to admit that I'll not get the hang of the alternate-hand fingering patterns, and to let someone else have a go at it. New price is $270; I'm going to ask for $240, which will include shipping within the USA. PM or email me if you'd like photos or any other information. Sound files of a Jackie are available at the concertinaconnection.com web site. Tim Hall
  13. Sounds like there's a real risk here of things not going well. Remember, if you're doing business over the net, your credit card company can be your best friend! Credit card companies have procedures in place for contesting charges. The Uniform Commercial Code (enacted in all 50 states, I believe) states that if goods received do not conform to the contract (this includes broken or damaged, as well as just receiving the wrong goods, both of which appear to have happened to other posters), you have the right to reject them. Document the problems, and contest the charges if the dealer refuses to give satisfaction. If I recall correctly, this dealer also sells on Ebay, which has its own set of dispute resolution procedures. That said, only you can decide whether the savings are worth the risk of problems, as well as giving up the service and ethics you would expect from a known dealer, such as Button Box, Homewood (does Bob still sell Stagis?) or others mentioned here from time to time. Tim
  14. I don't understand this auction, and not only the amount paid for the instrument. Look at the bid history. The highest 3 bids are all from this charlie chap, who bid at 350, 375 and 800. It was my understanding that Ebay will only increase one's bid incrementally so that one is the winner at the lowest possible cost. If the highest other bidder was only willing to go to 300, how did the final price go to 800? I reserve might have done it, but there's no indication of "reserve met" in the listing. Am I missing something, or should we all be wary of Ebay's "automated" bidding system from now on? Awaiting enlightenment, Tim
  15. Well, I didn't mean to start another thread on pitch nomenclature. I called it a "tenor" because I'm pretty sure I had seen it described as such by Bob Tedrow on his website, but now (of course) I cannot find that anywhere. It is not simply pitched a major second above a standard C/G anglo; rather, the A row is pitched a fourth below the D row, instead of a fifth above as in standard tuning. I believe the D row to be the same as on a G/D anglo, but since I don't have one to compare, I can't be sure. This tuning is also described briefly by Ken Coles in his article on this website http://www.concertina.net/kc_known_keys.html There are also a few sound files of a Tedrow D/A on this page http://hmi.homewood.net/style3/ in which you can hear the rich harmonies possible with the lower A row. Hearing those files again almost makes me hope this thing doesn't sell. I hope this helps; please let me know if I have explained things insufficiently, or if you want any further information. Tim
  16. I am reluctantly offering for sale a gorgeous Tedrow Aeola anglo in D/A. My wife is expecting our second child, and because she's now a solo practitioner, we're going to lose quite a bit of income this year, and so several instruments are going on the block (Anyone want a clawhammer banjo or a nice small hurdy-gurdy?). This instrument has 6-fold maroon bellows with black papers, black ends trimmed in (I think) mahogany, and comes in a Tamrac camera bag that is a good fit. It is a visually striking instrument, and the action and sound are very fine. The image which I hope is attached below is from Bob's website slideshow, but I can take any other pictures anyone wants to see. Interested buyers in the vicinity of Louisville, KY, USA are welcome to contact me to see the instrument. I'm asking $1,500 for this instrument, and will ship it anywhere in the USA for that price. It has been played since, but not abused. It has been kept in a smoke-free home and not played in pubs (although it was played for my daughter's preschool St. Patrick's Day party last year). New Aeolas from Bob's shop go for $1950. 2% of the sale price will go to support Concertina.net if it sells through this posting. Thanks
  17. You could also save a copy of the auction page on your own machine. I'm not sure it that will copy all the photos onto your machine, but it should get you all the basics you would need to recognize a scam. I think 90 days is the length of time Ebay keeps old sales available in their system, and probably some scammers know this and time their bait accordingly. Jim's idea is a good one.
  18. Dear London-area C.Netters: I noticed in another thread that there was some interest in the Tedrow Tour in London. It just so happens that I'll be in London at the end of this month, and may bring my Tedrow anglo with me. If anyone would be interested in a meet-up to give it a spin, post here, and we'll see what develops. I'm leaving town on the 17th of July, so any plans will need to be failrly well developed before then. I've got business in Gloucester, but will be free in London from the 25th to the 30th July. I'll be staying in the Wimbledon area, but could of course travel within the city if there's interest in meeting at a central location. Instrument Details: I'd be bringing a Tedrow Aeola - the one from Bob's website on his Aeola page with maroon bellows. It's a 30-button, but is a D/A system, not C/G, with the A row a fourth lower, rather than a fifth higher. Let me know if people are interested - this thread will probably determine whether I bother to bring the instrment with me. Hey - if Bob gets a lot of orders, maybe I'll get a discount in future! Best, Tim Hall Louisville, KY, USA
  19. My Tedrow anglo came to me in a padded Tamrac camera bag that fits it very nicely indeed, and has a front pocket for incidentals, and enough room for a small music book as well. It's the nicest non-hardshell case I've seen. Now, for the ultimate in theft deterrence, you could follow the advice of a friend of mine - use diaper bags for your valuables (assuming you have a small child to make the ruse believable). Tim
  20. Tim Hall


    I sometimes have this problem too. My psychiatrist says it just takes a while for the meds to kick in. Tim
  21. Tim Hall


    With reference to another thread (the one on construction style preference), does anyone think that the new accordion-reeded instruments are driving down prices for entry-level vintage instruments (esp. the mahogany Lachenals?) Or perhaps the prices of the accordion-reeded instruments have risen to the point ($1600-2000) where they share the market with the Lachenals? I've had a couple of Lachenals over the years, but far prefer my Tedrow for reliability and airtightness, and don't feel that I'm compromising as far as tone quality goes. I'd agree with Chris on the depreciation issue, in my limited experience and near-obsessive Ebay-watching. Tim
  22. Juergen Suttner's website used to quote prices for entire reed sets for English and Anglo concertinas - you might check with him, and see if his site still offers such things. Tim
  23. Tim Hall


    Just for another data point, the good folks at the Buttonbox were recently asking USD1350 for a used Morse C/G. Tim
  24. My Tedrow aeola model has cloth baffles fitted, as shown on Bob's aeola web page. Since I got mine second-hand, I don't know whether they were an option or standard. I love the tone. Tim
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