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    Have played alot of different musical instruments, including keyboard, piano accordion, guitar, trombone; and dabbled on others - pennywhistle, harmonica, cello, trumpet. But still looking for a special, portable instrument that I can really call my own -- hence my current interest in checking out concertinas. I recently acquired a "fixer-upper" English 48-key Lachenal from eBay, which after some minor repairs has proven quite useful for introducing me to this great instrument. Unfortunately, I've also discovered that my wife *hates* the sound. Not sure how this story is going to turn out...<br><br>
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    Portland Oregon USA

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  1. Actually Doug, that's just what I'm doing. I'm switching back to an earlier interest in keyboards, since I can use headphones and save my wife the pain and hassle. Actually, the headphones aren't completely necessary, as she tells me she enjoys the keyboard much more. I've recently picked up a Yamaha PSR-2000 Arranger Keyboard from eBay and will focus my musical talents on that. But I will miss the portability that the concertina offered! Regards, Bill Erickson
  2. Thanks for the consolations and suggestions. As for the suggestions -- well, many were already discussed with the wife and for various reasons don't seem to apply or aren't really workable here. But your responses are another fine example of what makes this such a great community! Thanks again for your support! Bill Erickson.
  3. Some of you might remember the topic I posted a while back regarding the problems I was having with my wife and her "issues" with my concertina. Alas, things have not improved. One of the major reasons that attracted me to the concertina was in having an instrument I could always keep around to play during any random spare moment. But since my wife has made it clear that she won't tolerate me playing within ear-shot, and since she does tend to be around during many of those random spare moments, it just isn't working out. I've posted another thread in the Buy-and-Sell forum, but wanted to say "Thank You" here to all you marvelous people who have helped me during my "Concertina Adventure." This is one of the best internet communities I've ever run across. If all internet forums were as nice as this one, the web would be a much better place. Farewell, Bill Erickson.
  4. [EDIT1] Concertina now on eBay at: eBay Auction for Lachenal Concertina *************************************************** [EDIT2] I couldn't get the original 20 MB AVI movie of me playing the concertina to work, so I've replaced it with a shorter 6 MB movie of me doing a scale. *************************************************** [ Original Posting ] Alas, things aren't working out with the wife and concertina, so I'm sadly selling my 48-key English Lachenal. I'll be posting an eBay auction shortly, but wanted to get some feedback from folks here on what they would want to see in an advertisement as a potential buyer. I've put together a web page with the details at: Lachenal For Sale Page I'll probably have a condensed version of this write-up in the eBay auction with a link to this page for those wanting all the gory details. Note that the link to the AVI movie of me playing the concertina doesn't work -- I'm still trying to figure that out, but it may not be worth the hassle anyway since the file is 20 MB and takes forever to download. I might just replace it with an MP3 audio. Does anyone know how to extract the audio track from an AVI movie file and make an MP3 from it? While I haven't finalized the starting bid / reserve prices, I'm thinking of around $600 starting / $700 reserve. I'd like to get back the $800 I spent on the original auction, but I'm not sure if that's a fair price given the real state of the concertina. Comments?
  5. Wanna trade spouses? Oh, no.... wait. That wouldn't work. Never mind. Bill Erickson, who's still having trouble with his wife hating the concertina....
  6. Many thanks to Paul for posting that message from Mr Chesters. I'm still not sure I'd do business with him, but I appreciate Paul's giving him the chance to respond to those charges regarding his business practices.
  7. Getting back to the original topic of this thread.... I don't have any experience yet with brass-reeded instruments. I've read that they have a "mellower" sound, although tend to go out of tune more frequently. What has been other's experiences regarding the difference in sound (particularly the harmonic balance and timbre) between steel and brass reeded concertinas? Is there hope that my wife might find a brass-reeded concertina easier to tolerate?
  8. Actually Alan, that's only really true for the brass instruments with smaller mouthpieces. I also play Trombone, and because of the larger mouthpiece size, I can get away with not playing it for a year, and still be able to pull it out and play reasonably well. I *do* have to compensate some by pressing harder against my mouth -- leaving a lovely ring around my lips when I stop playing I'd imagine that for some folks, there would be some decay of playing ability on the concertina if you put it down for a while -- particularly on the faster passages. Wouldn't the fingers be just a bit slower to respond?
  9. Alan, I've been trying to imagine that scene with you as your avatar, minus the clothing. Too bad you didn't have your concertina handy, then you could have strategically positioned it as per your avatar.
  10. Yeah, this is word-for-word the same as this earlier eBay auction: eBay Concertina EDIT (10:50): I've notified eBay of this detail to help support Steven's earlier report. EDIT (11:20): Wow, that's fast -- it's an invalid item now! EBay seems to be getting better at closing these down.
  11. A baritone WheatStone just showed up on eBay at: Baritone Concertina The seller, cocoa111, is well known here as Chris Algar of Barleycorn Concertinas, and is pretty well regarded. There's a review of his operation here on c.net at: Barleycorn Concertinas
  12. Actually, an accordion-reeded concertina might be the solution to my problems. The wife has never complained much about my piano accordion -- other than a rolling of the eyes about it's "Lawrence Welk" factor. Hmm, might just have to check those out...
  13. I've got a problem that may seriously jeapardize my continued association with the concertina -- my wife. She admitted to me the other day that she hates my newly acquired English concertina -- I mean *really* hates it. I could tell from the beginning that she didn't seem happy about it, but I thought it was because of how I was stumbling around as I searched for the correct notes, or because some of the reeds are a little out of tune. She earlier had demonstrated an extreme dislike of the high notes (something about her cringing and facial expressions tipped me off), so I've tried to accomodate her by playing high passages down an octave when she's around. But after talking yesterday, she confided that she just flat-out hates the sound of the instrument. For me, the quaint sound of the concertina reeds was one of the things that appealed to me, so I'm having a tough time understanding how she views it as "the sound of a cat getting beaten with a stick." Does anyone else have a similar problem? How have you dealt with it? I've taken to practicing in our car with the windows rolled up and the garage door shut, but with summer coming, it's going to get too hot out there! Any suggestions (short of divorce ) Regards, Bill Erickson
  14. Why, there was one that went for $7000 on eBay just the other day! Nah, just kidding -- c.net inside story. For details check out: $7K Jeffrey Thread
  15. Prior to discovering the concertina, I dabbled at the guitar, and hung out at the "Unofficial Martin Guitar" forum. They have a pretty active group that monitors eBay, and I helped write out a FAQ entry for reporting fraud at: UMGF FAQ entry on eBay fraud Based on their experience, I have a couple of comments: eBay *does* work to investigate and cancel these fraudulent auctions, but as folks have noticed, it's often not as fast as we would like, and there doesn't appear to be any useful mechanism to keep these creeps from just turning around, opening another eBay account, and continuing to rip people off. Bidding up fradulent auctions *will* get you in trouble with eBay -- they will warn you and then cancel your account if you engage in vigilantee behavior. Directly contacting bidders can also get you in trouble if eBay finds out. Of course, the scammers have started using the "hide bidders" feature to prevent that. Posting eBay "auctions" to warn others will get deleted by eBay. We tried both direct warnings (specifically listing a bad auction) and indirect (listing the various things to watch out for, such as new users, wire-transfers, users from Indonesia or Romania). eBay does work to resolve problems, but they also have to protect themselves, so it's sometimes pretty frustrating to watch. Regards, Bill Erickson
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