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  1. I was told a while ago about ABC notation, and looked into it, but never downloaded it. Does anyone here use it, and, if so, any tips or cautions about it? It sounds intrguing, but I'm still a little fuzzy on how it works. I'm not quite the computer whiz that I could be....
  2. I don't have a lot of books that have CDs with them, I usually just use whatever recordings of the piece I like. I do have one accompaniment CD that is very precise in folwing the written music, but it sounds dreadful. I use the book a lot though, since it has a good history of the tunes, but painfully basic arraingements. I figure it's practice for ading ornaments. Spiral books are nice, I am expecially grateful to them after trying to read something out of O'Neil's Dance Music of Ireland. Talk about hard to use! That one is hard to find tunes, hard to read and doesn't stay open. But I still use it because it has some good stuff in it.
  3. The majority of my playing happens in my room, alone, in stocking feet. However, a few times a year I'm at historical events, which for me in inseperable to playing music with my friends. In the evenings we get together and play tunes, tell jokes and visit. Usually there are several guitars, one or two fiddles, maybe some smallpipes, fultes, whistles and at least one bohdran. Maybe in a while I'll be able to play the concertna?! It'l be awhile, though. First I have to actually get one! There is a weekly session not too far away from where I live, but I've only gone to listen.
  4. Ornamentation is something I struggle with too. I often listen to recordings of the song and get so I can play along, and then start adding things I think sound good. Sometimes I'll take a bit from one recording and something else from another. A bit about ornamentation symbols in music, if you already know this, feel free to ignore me here... The "squiggle" mentioned previously is a trill mark. Similar is the "turn" mark, that looks raher like a figure 8 on its side. You've already gone over the fermata, so I won't cover it here. Then of course there are grace notes, little bitty notes that don't have any written value in the measure but are thee just the same. I'm sometimes amazed that I can read music, but I've had it drilled into me since I was eight....
  5. I have a weakness for music books and CDs, and I've ended up with a sizeable collection. I understand what you mean about lots of tunes, I have several like that. So far I've never found anything with different variations of the same tunes, although I have seen book and CD combos that have some different ornaments on the CD that aren't in the book. I think some of it is trying to encourage individual players to add their own ornament and/or style to the songs. I often end up taking bits and pieces that I like of tunes that I find in different books and hear off of CDs and splicing togehter my own version of the tune. I like to have a history of the song along with it, since it make life a bit easier when one is playing historical music with a certain time period in mind. Of course, that has nothing to do with the original topic!
  6. Then of course there's the question of how many buttons. Eep!
  7. I'm another fiddler that is new to the world of concertinas! I have decided I'd like to learn the English system, since facing two notes per button was a bit too daunting. I'm probbly not one to judge, but I got to try an English and managed a scale without too much difficulty going from hand to hand. I hve heard in some places that the English is *more* for accompanimant of the voice, yet I've also heard the same said of the Anglo. if anyone else has veiws on this I'd be interested in hearing them.
  8. I'll probably end up getting a treble, since I'm not too sure about learning another clef at the moment.... Also, it's more in my voice range, alto/2nd soprano. As for the Stagi being hard to work, I tried one (a tenor), and goofed off for a while, mostly making hideous noises. It didn't sem too hard, but then, I don't really know what to look for as far as feel goes. Like I said, I have "beginner" written all over me in big, red letters. And don't worry, I'd die beore I gave up on my violin!
  9. Thanks. I've been thinking I'd like to get a 48 button Stagi from the Button Box. Tenor or treble, I'm not sure which, but at the moment I'm leaning towards the treble. The music I'm interested in is mainly historical, celtic and maritime. I'd like to be able to play and sing, as well a melody instrument and chords, etc.... I first heard the concertina on recordings of sea chanties, and fell in love with it.
  10. Hello, I'm new to your forum, and to the world of concertinas in general. I have been playing the fiddle for about 7 years or so, and always loved the sound of the concertina, as well. So, this summer after seeing one up close, I decided that I HAD to have one...... I did some research, and decided I'd like to try the English system, as I don't think I could figure out two notes per button! If anyone has advise for me, I'd love to hear it. I'm a bit daunted by the whole thing, it's quite different than strings! I'm excited though, to join another musical community.
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