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  1. rules are different at various open mics, but sure, why not - I think its almost a tradition to play 3 songs back to back, I often hear songs/tunes played this way at the Celtic festivals I attend. The rule at the club I like is 15 minutes or 3 "songs" whichever comes first. It's worth a shot! Besides it's fun to put them together to see what goes and what doesn't. I like finding tunes that have similar elements, but are arranged in different ways for the contrast. I don't know if I'd be able to only play for 15 minutes though, I tend to play all night, or untill I fall asleep in the middle of a tune. (Yes, it's actually happened!)
  2. Could you play a set and have it count as one? If so, I've found that Swallowtail Jig, Off She Goes and Lannigan's Ball are three jigs that work very nicely together. Si Bheag Si Mohr is one of the most beautiful airs I know, the one that made me want to play Irish music in the first place, in fact! I also love the tune Harvest Home. Then again, all the songs are my favorite!
  3. One of the other Cnet members sent me Richard Carlin's book, and it looks pretty straightforward. I'll look up some of these others too.
  4. The Stagi was, and still is, the first choice thought I'd take. Besides, the Button Box and House of Musical Traditions have the exact same price, no, 25 cents off, and HMT doesn't tune them. Otherwise I'd have had one for several months now. From playing around with a Stagi (tenor), it seemed pretty okay, at least compared to some of the others they had there. I'm now leaning towards a treble, though.
  5. More questions about the 30 button. If I decide that that is the way I want to go, and then want to later go to a 48 button, will it be like learning a whole new instrument? Also, I have a book that has charts for 48 button, I'm assuming I can use it for some things, right? I'll think about it, but I'm still not sure.
  6. "Reasonable"--the best instrument that I can afford, with allowance and other savings from several years, and parental help has been offered. I would like to get a 48 button, otherwise I probably would have just gotten a Jackie. Is there any sort of equivalent in 48 buttons?
  7. Hello all, I would still like to get an English concertina, but I haven't yet. I have been thinking about getting a Stagi from the Button Box, even though I've heard that they aren't the greatest. I guess at the moment it seems that an instrument that I can actually make a little progress on is better than just reading about them and not getting my hands on one. Having thirty posts or so on here and still not getting a concertina of any sort yet is pathetic, even by my talkative standards.... If there are other makes for reasonable prices, I'd love to hear about them, also any advise that would help about buying them. Thanks so much!!
  8. I have been playing the violin/fiddle for about 7 years now, and I only started playing with people 2 years ago. It was on my friends fiddle, around a bonfire at a historic event. They convinced me to play a few tunes, and since there were several oher fiddlers there, we ended up passing it around and playing a few tunes each. Great fun, I'll never forget it. After that, I got [somewhat] over my great terror of having others hear me, and I've since enjoyed making music with people every chance I get.
  9. I'm a girl and I play music, does that count? Then again, I'm not in the kitchen "makin' sandwiches" either. (I don't cook.) I haven't noticed a big difference between men vs. women in music. I think it's something that anyone can relate to and do if they choose. Although I dearly love sea chanties, somehow it's just a bit strange for a soprano/alto to be singing them. It doesn't stop me though!
  10. My "Professional" experience is limited to being background noise at a colonial dinner once. Other than that I play for myself, with or for my friends and now and then for people in the community with my mom. When I have to practice, it doesn't matter what mood I'm in, it has to be done. When I have as much time as I want and I'm having a hard time, I usually just loosen the bow hair and read or write for a little bit. When i'm playing with others, I either decided that I'm just not up to it, or I try to forget bad things and have a good time. Oh, and as far as playing when one is sad? That's usually a time when I need to do something like make music.
  11. I saw an amusing shirt in a catalouge once, it read "Catfud [or Dogfud] giver Person" and write up had a comment on "the real reason your pet loves you so..."
  12. It sounds similar to my friend's dog, who whines and whimpers when she practices her flute. Lately he's taken to jumping up and attempting to knock her over when she hits a high note. Quite an amusing scene, the way she describes it. I have a cat who usually just leaves when I embark on any musical endevour, singing, fiddling, and, I assume, learning to play the concertina. The story of the dog hiding under the couch and covering her ears reminds me of a Cristmas a few years back when my Mom and a friend were playing around on violin and recorder. Moose, the cat, came back to his favorite place under the tree when they stopped for a bit. When the music resumed, Moose simply covered his ears with his paws and looked more tourtured than any other cat I've ever seen.
  13. Thanks for the reccomendations. I am a total newbie to the concertina, playing, knowing how if works, etc. I'll definately look up the books, any excuse to go to a bookstore, I say!
  14. I've seen a few books on concertinas, playing, fingering charts, etc. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for books on, 1. Teaching one's self to play the English Concertina, and 2. Learning more about concertina "guts" and maintenance. Although I could just ask lots of questions on here, limited computer time makes having a book that I can read anytime more practical. Besides, I'm sure that it'll keep more questions coming! Thanks!
  15. Hmmm, I seem to encounter difficulty when I attempt to sing and play the violin at the same time. I have a feeling that attempting this sort of manuver would be just as futile for me. However, it is quite interesting to see what you all come up with. I'd say stick to the pipe and tabor, that's what it was designed for, after all!
  16. Oh. I just chose it out of my 20-some nicknames....I seem to gather them.
  17. Thank you. A friend thought it up, likening me to a young plant after which I was named. That also happens to be my first instrument choice, so it all works out. I figure it describes me better than simply putting down my whole name. Oh yes, and Happy New Year to all!!
  18. I prefer to keep my entire name to myself, as well as my location. Since I'm a minor, it is my parent's wish, as well as mine that when I join a forum or online community I stay anonymous. I used "Fiddlehead Fern" because it is one of my numerous nicknames.
  19. What about tuning? Are most beginner grade concertinas pretty much in tune, or will I have to get it checked over? If so, how much will that cost? I completely understand the importance of a good instrument, and would like to get one that will work for awhile and not be a hinderance. Heavens knows simply learning to play the thing will probably be fustrating enough!
  20. I started out on violin when I was eight, and switched to fiddle at about 11 or so (new teacher, new music). I have had a lap dulcimer a few years, but haven't really advanced much. I love to sing, but whether people like to hear me sing may be a different matter. I fell in love with the concertina at age 10 and now I'm planning on getting one and learn to play it.
  21. How is the playing different? And, when looking at instruments, what should I look for, beware of, and pay attention to? I have only tried a Stagi once, a 48 button, and it didn't seem to hard to figure out or hold. Then again, that was the first time I'd touched a concertina. I'm used to strings, bows, rosin and the like, so I'm rather lost.
  22. I'm thinking about getting a 48 button English Stagi from the Button Box. Good idea or no?
  23. Wow, I wouldn't mind getting a concertina for Christmas! Lucky.
  24. Wow, thanks for all the replies. I'm thinking it would be a good thing to learn to use, I'll have to ask some of my more computer able friends for a bit of help....
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