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  1. This is a very nice sounding anglo, and although not as fancy looking as some, the reeds are all steel in brass fittings in the old traditional Linota style ("Linota" brand on hand brace). Reason for selling; I am looking to upgrade. Comes in a hard-shell case. Asking $2400 US. Located in Bath, Maine. Serial #51140 which dates it to pre-WWII, ca. 1940-1941 30-button in C/G Complete 2021 repair and overhaul by Greg Jowaisas including: Replaced pads and valves Shim bellows chamois Refinished Ebonized wooden fretwork ends Installed fretwork bushings Checked and secured action pivots, adjust button height and spring pressure Replacement six-fold bellows Gold stamped hand straps Bone hand strap retainers Tuned to A440 pitch
  2. Is your 7 Mount still for sale? Thanks Frank Ferrel Bath, Maine
  3. 36-button C/G Wheatstone Linota, serial# 56876 no longer available.
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