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  1. You may call it diluting the tradition. I prefer to think of it as expanding the tradition.

    This raises a very interesting question -- to me, at least. If I was sitting in a pub in Norfolk, and Harry Cox (RIP) struck up with a ballad from his extensive repertoire, and I'd have taken him to one side after, and asked him to sing it to me again so I could fix the tune in my mind, and make a note of the words -- in some sense, that would have located me in the tradition, having learned the song from the oral tradition.


    Now -- imagine that there was footage of Harry Cox on YouTube. OK, so I'm not in the room with him, but in some sense it's still the oral tradition if I choose to learn that song & carry on performing it. But (and it's an interesting "but") it somehow looks & feels different. The interesting question is, why? Is it a case of "You had to be there"?

  2. This has probably been done before, but I thought it'd be interesting to take a current snapshot of what system(s) posters play. I've made it multiple choice*, just in case people can't make their minds up what their favourite is.


    I'm an Anglo-ist, having played the melodeon since the age of 12 or 13. I had a go on an English once, but couldn't make head nor tail of it. :unsure:


    * or least I think I have -- this is the first poll I've attempted on here. :huh:

  3. Here is the link. Anyone know the seller/restorer?

    I don't, but he was very quick & forthcoming in his answers to my enquiries on EBay. IIRC, he got a buyer for his 'tina, & at a fair price too. I gave up on EBay shortly afterwards, and got a 30k Lachenal from Chris Algar. Proper lovely it is, as well. B)

  4. I'm a big fan of the "drone" effect you can get on a 30k C/G box (without a drone key ;) ), using the g/a key on the C row in conjunction with the a/g key on the chromatic row. (Try it with O little town of Bethlehem for something seasonal.) Also, using that "g" on the draw can give a nice effect at the end of a song in a minor key that finishes on a draw "d" on the C row, finishing on a nice strong fifth giving the impression of a key change.


    Apologies if these are very basic, or if you just think they sound crap. :blink:

  5. Added to that, since you can get a draw G chord on the C row, you don't really need one on the G row.

    I take that to be the reasoning behind it too. I find myself heading over to the C & chromatic rows for chords for playing in G anyway -- perhaps the G row "basses" are there to supplement the 'missing' ones on the other two.


    Mind you, I don't have a clue what I'm on about. ;)

  6. Lachenal 30k, C/G with mahogany ends. Described as a "basic concertina" by Chris Algar, but I love it all the same. ;)


    Hohner Corona II A/D/G box that I've had since I was 13 or 14. It's a big beast, still in good nick despite being hammered indoors & out for longsword & garland dance, plus ceilidhs -- wouldn't part with it.


    Hohner Cajun 4-stop in C. Good for song accompaniment, & nice & fast for a newish Hohner.

  7. Welcome, Fern. As you can see from my join date, I'm new to these forums as well. They're a friendly enough bunch.


    Can't offer you much in the way of advice box-wise, cos I'm a push-pull player who can't read music in any meaningful sense.

  8. Well, I unleashed the beast earlier on tonight for a little go, and she plays like a dream. The concertina's not bad either. (Sorry, couldn't resist. ;) )


    Far more responsive than my "learner box," & -- for all my concerns about the 5-fold bellows -- I've found myself using the air release far less than I did on my other one.


    What I'm most taken with is the lovely sweet tone, which was just what I'd hoped for. B)


    Hooray! I am well chuffed. B)

  9. there is every chance that bellows control may be easier, depending what your "starter" box is.

    Here's hoping. My "starter" box was a 30 key Scarlatti from Hobgoblin. Cheaper than a Stagi, and OK in its way -- but it started to deteriorate fairly quickly (especially the lowest note on the push on the chromatics), and the G row was way too squeaky for anything other than the odd tune.


    After a longish gap since I last played one, I just wanted to get summat cheap to make sure I'd still got the knack (insofar as I ever had it). Plus, it's playable, and it cost less than £200.

  10. Especially when she has to listen to me trying to play it. "Not tonight, I've got a headache," and quite frankly I'm not surprised. :(


    With both activities, the ability to find the "button" reliably and repeatedly is vital to playing a successful tune.

    Although -- since the concertina has yet to produce its own Jimi Hendrix -- I don't think you can do the air release thing with your tongue.

  11. The instrument will be there for you even when *.....cough* may be in short supply!

    Especially when she has to listen to me trying to play it. "Not tonight, I've got a headache," and quite frankly I'm not surprised. :(


    I look forward to enhanced usage of the air button, anyway. I'll have to pare down some of those lunatic chords I use to accompany me singing so I get more mileage for my pushes & pulls. :blink:

  12. After weeks of soul (not to mention piggy-bank) searching, I am getting my hands on a Lachenal 30 key C/G from Barleycorn. Should arrive mid-week.


    It's what Chris A. describes as a "basic concertina," but it's all I can afford right now, and I'm still probably a lot more excited than a 37 year old bloke has any right to be about anything other than ... *cough* you can fill in the rest.


    The one thing I'm a bit nervous of is the 5-fold bellows, compared to 7 on my "starter" box, but I look forward to adjusting. Any tips & tricks from people who know roughly what they're doing would be greatly appreciated. ;)


    Anyway. Thought I'd share this with you all. Will keep you posted.

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