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  1. My post was not meant to imply that there is anything shady about the sale being offered. I think a very good concertina is being offered at a very good price. I have seen scammers copy legitimate ads to sell expensive goods that they don't even have, and that is what I suspected from the South African ad. I didn't realize that the seller has South African connections, and I apologize for bringing an unnecessary tangent to his post.

  2. I am selling a Weltmeister 86M B/C accordion, swing tuned in black with chrome trim. I bought it 6 months ago and have used it very little. It comes with a hard case, and the 2 shoulder straps and thumb strap are new, as I used my old strap. It looks and sounds excellent, and has a much better and faster keyboard action than a double ray. It is $650, and will be shipped from New York at actual shipping cost. It can also be picked up. Pictures at links.





  3. I have a 30 button Anglo made by the same people. It actually looks good; the wood is nicely finished. The bellows are quite airtight. The action is similar to an old Stagi - each 5 buttons pivoting off a single thin rod. Mine has plastic valves, which is supposedly an improvement over leather valves on other cheap instruments. The straps are definitely cheaper and worse than the ones on the Rochelle, but they work and are usable. All the buttons work and are in tune with each other. The buttons don't always stay straight coming out, as the sides are their guide. I don't think this is an issue with the Rochelle/Jackie line, as they have a riveted action. The buttons aren't so bad that they stick or go all the way in, so this hasn't been a real issue. While I don't imagine that this concertina would last through prolonged use by a serious player. it has served me well as a learning instrument. Percentage wise, I stand to lose quite a bit on resale, although this is unimportant as the actual dollar amount I stand to lose will be relatively small. Mine was $170 including a pretty nice case. If I had it over, I probably would have bought the Rochelle, which was $285 and readily available at the time, because of the trade-up policies available from sellers.

  4. Thanks, Carl, for your helpful information. Finding information on this one is difficult, compared to other hybrids, which is surprising. It looks good, the workmanship sounds like it's good and the price is right. I'll post my own review after my spot on the waiting list comes in.

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