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  1. Thanks for that - it wasn't just my imagination!
  2. Am I correct that there was an experimental design with the buttons arranged in two rows mimicking the white & black notes on a piano keyboard? I am under the impression that I came across one some time ago
  3. cassqueeze


    I wouldn't consider a Lachenal a student instrument. A 30 key Lachenal Anglo in good condition - preferably one with steel rather than wooden ends - is a fine instrument for the serious player. The Crabbs are also very good- often a softer tone. Do check that the ones you are looking at are Anglos and not English or duets.
  4. Hi Peter, When you've looked at your friend's Crane, if you are still interested it might be best to email me direct at bonnygreencolin@gmail.com with a copy to my wife, Sonja, at bonnygreengarden@gmail.com as I shall be out of the country for a couple of weeks from next Monday. She is aware of your interest! Cheers, Colin
  5. Hi Peter, Yes it is a 55 button Crane, but curved arrangement of buttons. I looked at my own Crabb Crane and I can see that they do appear more like the chevron than a curve. Incidentally in your machine is the bottom button of the middle row B below the C to the left? I don't have a button there on mine. I have played my wife's duet from time to time and though there is a slightly different feel to the curved layout I've not actually found it a problem. Cheers, Colin
  6. My wife has a Lachenal triumph Crane in excellent condition for sale. She is asking £2,450. Please see attached picture. Location Devon UK
  7. THanks for info. On my initial reply I hadn't noticed enquiry was from USA. I remember a few years ago having to open my bag at a security check at a German airport when my concertina puzzled them in the x-ray scan!
  8. Obviously there would also be cost of postage to USA
  9. I have a Lachenal CG in good playing condition with case (but doesn't lock). I'm selling it for a friend. Asking £420 but he would probably consider sensible offer. Colin
  10. Hi, My wife has a Lachenal Triumph Crane duet for sale. It's in excellent condition, and a high quality instrument. It has been valued at £2,250. Location : Devon, UK Let me know if interested - but as I may be without internet access over the weekend I may not respond until Monday.
  11. Photo & arrangement of notes shown in attachmentsJONES PERFECT ANGLO.doc
  12. A few years ago I bought a Jones perfect Anglo from Chris Algar, and then had a very good restoration job done by David Robertson. The result - a beautiful, sweet-toned instrument ideal for singing. I find I rarely use it however and I'm thinking of selling it. It's basically a C/G instrument with extra buttons so that all notes over a 2 octave range are available on both push and pull, and therefore it is relatively easy to play in any key - giving the flexibility of the duet or English with the action of the anglo. The scales for D, E,F, A & Bb are quite logical & not difficult to remember. Can anyone advise as to what kind of price I should be asking - bearing in mind that ebay prices seem to have been a bot depressed of late?
  13. Hi Roger, Would be interested in having a look, but after the weekend. I'm literally just up the road ! Cheers, Colin
  14. I'd be interested in the price - particularly as I have what looks like an identical model - Crane duet (not that i'm selling in the near future at least).
  15. I am pleased to report that this instrument has now been reunited with its owner. Many thanks for all your help and suggestions.
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