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  1. Hello Chris I will try to download a photo. I noticed I misspelt purchased I do miss a spell checker!! The top note is a high A very piercing! and starts on the usual G of a 48 key treble. Regards Ron
  2. Hello Chris Perhaps a better description would help. I have just perchased an english Lachenal, raised ebony ends,60 key, steel reeds, metal buttons. I do wonder if this is a new model? Regards Ron
  3. Hello Chris Yes there are 60 keys and the extended range is at the top end. Regards Ron
  4. Hello Chris Yes it is 60 keys and the extended notes are all at the top end. Regards Ron
  5. Hello Simon H Thank you for the reply. I wondered in what context they might have been used ie. concertina bands, salvation army or straight solo playing. Regards Ron
  6. Hello Any information regarding 60 key extended treble Lachenal. Regards Ron
  7. Hello I would be interested! Regards Ron123
  8. Hello Jim The last few posts (including mine) probably somewhat went away from the original question but your following comment "... I feel that you're being arrogant and obnoxious "...seems harsh and unfriendly in the extreme. Like conversation posts do seem to wander from the original topic, I do accept I was part responsible for that and apologise to the originator of the initial post if they felt in anyway that they were being GOT AT. I don't believe any of the posts on this topic had that intention. Ron PS. I have not posted many replies and will think very careful before doing so again.
  9. Hello Chris I am new to the concertina world (about 5 months) so no expert, but I do agree with you regarding the speed that many tunes are played at. I am able to read music (how I wish I could play by ear!!) and play other instruments, so I do understand timing rhythm etc. But it does seem to me at times, that speed rules and musicality gets lost along the way. Regards Ron
  10. Hello Chris Thank you for the mp3 tunes by Anne Gregson. I had received the ICA supplement a couple of days ago and tried to get the tunes from the web-site given in the supplement, but without success. So I was really pleased to be able to to download these lovely tunes! Thank you Ron123
  11. Hello I was shown a very simple way of padding a concertina case, by Terry Evans of The Music Room, Cleckheaton. She used small leather covered pads, usually used to wipe the interior of car windscreens. These are readily available and seem to do the job. Ron
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