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  1. Wow you are well organised .I can't decide what to do tommorrow let alone next year but I suppose it in necessary when you are such atalented performer. Sorry I missed you this year ,lots of choices for 2017 so I will be at one of them.Have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year .Bob
  2. Hi I am looking to buy a 30 Button G/D Wheatstone Layout.I would like a quality instrument as I presently play Dipper Concertinas ,If you have anything like this for sale please send me a PM, (Yes I know they are rare but if you don't ask you don't get ). Thanks Bob
  3. Just one thought about a gangleon.Dont self treat buy show it to your doctor .Mine has turned out to be a growth of bone very painfull as the nerve of the hand runs over the top giving me like little electric shocks when I move my hand . I have arthritus and also wear hand support which could only have been made for a concertina player,see below .No fun getting older .Bob
  4. No what I meant was do I have to reassemble the concertina every time I want to Test the new pitch of the reed .Bob
  5. Hi One question if you add anything to change the pitch do you have to put the concertina back together each time to tune it .Or is there another way Thanks Bob
  6. Hi Jody I have been looking forward to seeing you in Penzance hope I dont miss it but I have a hospital appointment during the day .hope I recover in time for your performance ,All The best Bob
  7. If it had not been for the Hohner D40 I would not have started playing the concertina.I bought mine on E Bay for £100 secondhand .Now I play two very nice" Dippers" .I dont know what they are like new but remember concertinas compaired to say ,Guitar or even Melodeon are rather expensive , Certainly the one I had many years ago gave me a tast of concertina playing for a more reasonable outlay of funds. Bob
  8. Thanks for raising this topic Daria .I am often told I play to loudly .When my dipper C/G Anglo was made for me I asked for plenty of volume as I play for a Morris side .All of our dancers say they can hear the Concertina even when they can't hear other instruments .I like many other players practice and practice to play harmoney so try to play with harmoney in sessions .Sounding as many as four reeds instead of one and my two speakers/grills facing either side of me It does not help I also have tiitus so my hearing is reduced .One other thing occured to me was that I should play my G/D more at sessions but I would still like to play with harmoney.Bob
  9. Yes I agree with that Mike we are closley related no more so than on this site .I listen to all Concertina players and find they all inspire me to improve my playing .Just recently I have been listening to the excelent Teachings of Steve Wilson (Thanks Steve) but I play Anglo. Bob
  10. Thanks for all your ideas and suggestions.I was thinking on baseing my new layout on my 36 Key G/D but Jodys blog has made me think that (why did'nt I think of it) , base my new G/D layout on my 35 button C/G.If I do that I will take note of the alterations suggested .I will try to post my C/G layout for further scrutiny.Bob
  11. Hi Jody Thanks for showing your layout. So your F Gain note is the same pitch as the pull F R/H accidental row fourth key for you (3rd Key on my Wheatstone) ? Bob
  12. Hi All The day will come soon when I am asked what layout I want for my new G/D Anglo .Outside of a standard 30 Key Anglo G/D (Wheatstone) do any of you have any suggestions for extra notes that you think I may find useful .I use my G/D to accompany my singing and some times for Morris I dont want to add notes that I will never use ,It may also keep the weight down .It would be nice to hear if you have any ideas on the subject. Bob
  13. Nice tone and playing. What is (1/4 comma meantone) ? Bob
  14. Not to cause offence but -IMO This is an anonymous product on a concertina site. If the concertina is of good quality you should state the make and maybe the price .Bob
  15. Jody does a lovely version of this have a look on U Tube it might give you some ideas Bob Paste this into googal www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHe1z98sBC8
  16. Thanks Steve I have been singing with my Anglo for a while and found your lessons brilliant ! Bob
  17. Frank Edgley makes some goog Anglos I bought one of his Bb/F and it is excellent and he is in Canada ! Bob
  18. Have I upset someone .What does 0 Warning points mean beneath my Avitar ? Bob
  19. Nice tunes I would love to come to your great festival one year but its a long way from Cornwall.Excuse my ignorance but In the soundcloud of Ora Lee ,have you joined two tracks together to get that great sound ( Yes I know even Jody can't play two concertinas at once.)Bob
  20. Ok what I mean is how can we accompany say "Mountain music" or say the song "Foggy Moubtain Top for instance" .I don't play banjo but is their any merrit in trying to copy their repetitive rolls or is their a form of accompanyment that would fit in ?
  21. Brilliant Film how can I play with that on cocertina. Rolls? .Bob
  22. Hi John here are two pictures for your website .The first I call "My two Beauties" both Dippers in a beautiful leather case .A 36 Key Merlin C/G and A 36 Key Singswell G/D The second is a photo of me playing for Pensans Morris at the Golowan Festival Penzance. (PS If you need better copies I can E Mail them)
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