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  1. I an selling my Edgley professional Bb/F 30 5mm Buttons ,7fold Bellows .Bought Nov 2013 .it is great for singing and playing with bands,It comes with a Storm Case .It has not been played as I now have problems with my hands.With shipping into the UK it cost me £2200 ,I will sell it for £1100 half price.Hope you can see the pictures below .Send me a PM if interested .I will give the usual donation to this site when it sells.Bob https://postimg.org/image/7i0tdyaqt/
  2. There is a 40 button Anglo in For Sale on this site .H ow do you get pictures like this on to the site ? Bob
  3. Egley professional Bb/F Bought New and never used through a change of plans .30 Key 5mm Buttons,Metal ends ,7 fold Bellows .with case .can be viewed Penzance or by arrangement in Bristol . £1500 .Clic on link bellow .More pictures if requested by E Mail.Bob https://s26.postimg.org/6bzlyfovd/20170726_113449_004.jpg
  4. I have for sale a 30 Button Bb/F Anglo Professional Model made by Frank Edgley 5mm Buttons Metal Ends 7 Fold Bellows ,In Cocobolo .This instrument has not been played and is as New .It comes with a Pelican Storm Case.I have had a change of plans since buying the concertina.I paid over £2000 with shipping and I will accept £1500 0no .This instrument is great for song accompaniment and good for playing along with Bb instruments .I can take it with me to Bristol area for viewing if necessary Bob
  5. The flexibility of my middle and ring finger on my right hand is reduced ,so unable to bend them enough to reach the G row on my Anglo .The present hand rests are 21mm high I am thinking of making some 38mm high.The step down where the hand strap is held on the hand rest by a wire clip is at present only 8mm high and I propose to make the new rest the same dimension at this point so that I can reach the air button .I think I might have to move the clip position higher so the the hand strap is long enough ..I don't know if I should make for two sides the same or one ? Bob
  6. I am still in the market to buy a Dipper G/D if anyone has anything .Also thanks to members who have already made contact . Bob
  7. HI I am interested and will send you a PM.Bob
  8. I use an Eagle soft case for Morris .It allows my hands free to play and carry my case when in for instance a parade.I dont have to rely on other people carrying items for me or returne to the start to collect my case. PS The one time I did damage my concertina badly was when I stood on a Morris stick ,which acted like a roller skate and could not get my hands out of the straps quick enough to save myself .Bob
  9. Thanks for all your input .I would like to add that previous to owning the larger Dipper G/D.I played a Edgley 30 buton G/D which although not having the same sound quality was much easier to play. My right hand is not good ,"to much DIY in the past" .So yes the pushing effort does have a part to play. When I sing I do like sometimes to stand ,The sound travels better over the adience .I am still thinking of trying a G/D again with smaller reeds and thus lighter construction for song accompanyment. It may be another hybrid and I may have to accept less quality of sound .Bob
  10. My problem is Arthritus in my hands and I find playing my G/D with its large bellows and big reeds hard work .(Yes of course I rest it on my leg ) I love to sing with my concertinas so I am thinking of a smaller G/D .Present instrument as I said above 36 Key 6.5" A F 8 Fold Bellows .When asking about weights I had in mind that a smaller instrument would be the answer. I no lomger use the G/D for Morris much .I dont like wearing a neck strap and I find a C/G played outside can be heard better. So I am still thinking of a smaller lighter 7 fold 30 Key to accompany singing .If any one has a concertina that would suite PM me Thanks Bob
  11. Thanks Taka .It might be time for a new list ? Bob
  12. I have just weighed my concertinas Dipper Merlin 36 Key C/G 3lb 5oz 1.490 Kg Dipper Singswell 36 Key D/G 3lb 10oz 1.650 Kg AC Norman 32 Key C/G 2lb 12oz 1.220Kg Edgley 30key Bb/F 3lb 3oz 1.425Kg It would be nice to see how they compaire with others. Bpb
  13. I carry with me two concertinas in a leather case worth say £11k .And only insured if they are left in a locked house or locked boot of a car .If I leave them unattended then they are not insured against theft. I am almost paranoid when playing especially in a public place to see that they are wirh me at all times but you know its almost impossible to do . If I do have to for eg * leave the room* My "Morris Team *are left in charge of the concertinas. Several times when I return to find Morris Team gone and concertinas too. So I cross my fingers until I catch up with Team and concertinas. Now you can buy small *50p size Trackers" designed to track your car with a mobile phone .I was wondering if this would help with the above problem .Has anyone else tried this ? Bob
  14. Wow you are well organised .I can't decide what to do tommorrow let alone next year but I suppose it in necessary when you are such atalented performer. Sorry I missed you this year ,lots of choices for 2017 so I will be at one of them.Have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year .Bob
  15. Hi I am looking to buy a 30 Button G/D Wheatstone Layout.I would like a quality instrument as I presently play Dipper Concertinas ,If you have anything like this for sale please send me a PM, (Yes I know they are rare but if you don't ask you don't get ). Thanks Bob
  16. Just one thought about a gangleon.Dont self treat buy show it to your doctor .Mine has turned out to be a growth of bone very painfull as the nerve of the hand runs over the top giving me like little electric shocks when I move my hand . I have arthritus and also wear hand support which could only have been made for a concertina player,see below .No fun getting older .Bob
  17. No what I meant was do I have to reassemble the concertina every time I want to Test the new pitch of the reed .Bob
  18. Hi One question if you add anything to change the pitch do you have to put the concertina back together each time to tune it .Or is there another way Thanks Bob
  19. Hi Jody I have been looking forward to seeing you in Penzance hope I dont miss it but I have a hospital appointment during the day .hope I recover in time for your performance ,All The best Bob
  20. If it had not been for the Hohner D40 I would not have started playing the concertina.I bought mine on E Bay for £100 secondhand .Now I play two very nice" Dippers" .I dont know what they are like new but remember concertinas compaired to say ,Guitar or even Melodeon are rather expensive , Certainly the one I had many years ago gave me a tast of concertina playing for a more reasonable outlay of funds. Bob
  21. Thanks for raising this topic Daria .I am often told I play to loudly .When my dipper C/G Anglo was made for me I asked for plenty of volume as I play for a Morris side .All of our dancers say they can hear the Concertina even when they can't hear other instruments .I like many other players practice and practice to play harmoney so try to play with harmoney in sessions .Sounding as many as four reeds instead of one and my two speakers/grills facing either side of me It does not help I also have tiitus so my hearing is reduced .One other thing occured to me was that I should play my G/D more at sessions but I would still like to play with harmoney.Bob
  22. Yes I agree with that Mike we are closley related no more so than on this site .I listen to all Concertina players and find they all inspire me to improve my playing .Just recently I have been listening to the excelent Teachings of Steve Wilson (Thanks Steve) but I play Anglo. Bob
  23. Thanks for all your ideas and suggestions.I was thinking on baseing my new layout on my 36 Key G/D but Jodys blog has made me think that (why did'nt I think of it) , base my new G/D layout on my 35 button C/G.If I do that I will take note of the alterations suggested .I will try to post my C/G layout for further scrutiny.Bob
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