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  1. For now I would leave the button pressed and just change the bellows direction .Later see the different effect you get when pressing and releasing the button for each note.Good luck you have picked a brilliant instrument .I hope you have lots of fun .Bob
  2. I think you have the jist of what I was trying to convey.Another example is a good choral singer will be able from a start note to go up , a forth ,a seventh and so on .I was thinking could one recognise the distance between the notes before playing them .As I said I can do this on an arpeggio an octave and adjacent note adjacent .I suppose it all comes down to practice.
  3. I have just read through the topic (Whats the point of Learning Scales) .I can read music or play by ear .What I am not totally good at is predicting the sound I will get from pressing any one button. For example before pressing Sing the note you expect the button will produce .Then repeat pressing another button an odd distance away .Its easy when its an arpeggio or the next note of the scale..Another example is sing three odd notes and then try to play exactly the same notes .Can any of you do this or is it a step to far .I am not the fastest at learning new tunes ,however I can manage in the long run..Bob
  4. 30 Button G/D wheatstone layout Concertina Reeds please PM me if you know of anything suitable thanks .Bob
  5. Their are many more Anglo C/Gs than G/Ds .For instance the two boxes that I have owned have been of similar size and weight .I know that some of the G/D reeds are bigger but are the chambers of similar size ?and why is it that concertina makers only offer to make (concertina reeded) C/Gs ?
  6. Bringing the subject back to cords.I have started to learn the patterns necessary to produce R/H cords .Using these patterns ( 30 button layout ) also help with complimentary notes to the L/H cords .Also through setting them down on paper ( AS well as the main row C/Dm & G/D7 )I have now noticed that some of the same 3 notes pull give (as with the L/H ) one cord and then push gives another .So far R/H 2,6&7 Push = D . Pull = Em . 2a,1&2 pull =G Push = E 2,6&7 pull =D . Push =Am .Of course I like these because I only have to remember one pattern for two cords .Can you see any more ?
  7. I have done a similar thing drawn out the R/H to show what buttons are available for each of the cords that I use .Like the guitar players I don't necessary remember the notes of the cord but the patterns they form..I have not been playing my concertina for many years but I am surprised that every time I try something new I learn more ways to use the keyboard.I will need two more lifetimes to play all that I want to play ..
  8. I was thinking more of playing a block cord R/H ( Up to three notes together) and then other various notes of the cord L/H .I was hoping to use this for song accompaniment not necessarily using the melody which I will sing .I have not yet learnt many R/H cords.I am just trying to find other means of accompaniment..
  9. I like to accompany my singing with my Anglo .I have learnt most cords on the left hand .Watching for example a piano player they often play their cords with the right hand then additional notes on the left do any of you use right hand cords much .Thanks Bob
  10. Unable to make any of your gigs this year I will try harder next .I am always jealous of the folk that attend you workshop in Lewis ,but its to far from Penzance ( obviously nothing compared to the distance you have to travel ) Perhaps one day there will be a workshop in the west of the country.Meanwhile I shall continue to enjoy your playing and singing on CDs and Youtube .Bob
  11. Sorry try this https://s26.postimg...._113449_004.jpg. I have not got the hang of picture posting if any of you will send me your E Mail in a message I will send more pictures.Thanks Bob
  12. I an selling my Edgley professional Bb/F 30 5mm Buttons ,7fold Bellows .Bought Nov 2013 .it is great for singing and playing with bands,It comes with a Storm Case .It has not been played as I now have problems with my hands.With shipping into the UK it cost me £2200 ,I will sell it for £1100 half price.Hope you can see the pictures below .Send me a PM if interested .I will give the usual donation to this site when it sells.Bob https://postimg.org/image/7i0tdyaqt/
  13. There is a 40 button Anglo in For Sale on this site .H ow do you get pictures like this on to the site ? Bob
  14. Egley professional Bb/F Bought New and never used through a change of plans .30 Key 5mm Buttons,Metal ends ,7 fold Bellows .with case .can be viewed Penzance or by arrangement in Bristol . £1500 .Clic on link bellow .More pictures if requested by E Mail.Bob https://s26.postimg.org/6bzlyfovd/20170726_113449_004.jpg
  15. I have for sale a 30 Button Bb/F Anglo Professional Model made by Frank Edgley 5mm Buttons Metal Ends 7 Fold Bellows ,In Cocobolo .This instrument has not been played and is as New .It comes with a Pelican Storm Case.I have had a change of plans since buying the concertina.I paid over £2000 with shipping and I will accept £1500 0no .This instrument is great for song accompaniment and good for playing along with Bb instruments .I can take it with me to Bristol area for viewing if necessary Bob
  16. The flexibility of my middle and ring finger on my right hand is reduced ,so unable to bend them enough to reach the G row on my Anglo .The present hand rests are 21mm high I am thinking of making some 38mm high.The step down where the hand strap is held on the hand rest by a wire clip is at present only 8mm high and I propose to make the new rest the same dimension at this point so that I can reach the air button .I think I might have to move the clip position higher so the the hand strap is long enough ..I don't know if I should make for two sides the same or one ? Bob
  17. I am still in the market to buy a Dipper G/D if anyone has anything .Also thanks to members who have already made contact . Bob
  18. HI I am interested and will send you a PM.Bob
  19. I use an Eagle soft case for Morris .It allows my hands free to play and carry my case when in for instance a parade.I dont have to rely on other people carrying items for me or returne to the start to collect my case. PS The one time I did damage my concertina badly was when I stood on a Morris stick ,which acted like a roller skate and could not get my hands out of the straps quick enough to save myself .Bob
  20. Thanks for all your input .I would like to add that previous to owning the larger Dipper G/D.I played a Edgley 30 buton G/D which although not having the same sound quality was much easier to play. My right hand is not good ,"to much DIY in the past" .So yes the pushing effort does have a part to play. When I sing I do like sometimes to stand ,The sound travels better over the adience .I am still thinking of trying a G/D again with smaller reeds and thus lighter construction for song accompanyment. It may be another hybrid and I may have to accept less quality of sound .Bob
  21. My problem is Arthritus in my hands and I find playing my G/D with its large bellows and big reeds hard work .(Yes of course I rest it on my leg ) I love to sing with my concertinas so I am thinking of a smaller G/D .Present instrument as I said above 36 Key 6.5" A F 8 Fold Bellows .When asking about weights I had in mind that a smaller instrument would be the answer. I no lomger use the G/D for Morris much .I dont like wearing a neck strap and I find a C/G played outside can be heard better. So I am still thinking of a smaller lighter 7 fold 30 Key to accompany singing .If any one has a concertina that would suite PM me Thanks Bob
  22. Thanks Taka .It might be time for a new list ? Bob
  23. I have just weighed my concertinas Dipper Merlin 36 Key C/G 3lb 5oz 1.490 Kg Dipper Singswell 36 Key D/G 3lb 10oz 1.650 Kg AC Norman 32 Key C/G 2lb 12oz 1.220Kg Edgley 30key Bb/F 3lb 3oz 1.425Kg It would be nice to see how they compaire with others. Bpb
  24. I carry with me two concertinas in a leather case worth say £11k .And only insured if they are left in a locked house or locked boot of a car .If I leave them unattended then they are not insured against theft. I am almost paranoid when playing especially in a public place to see that they are wirh me at all times but you know its almost impossible to do . If I do have to for eg * leave the room* My "Morris Team *are left in charge of the concertinas. Several times when I return to find Morris Team gone and concertinas too. So I cross my fingers until I catch up with Team and concertinas. Now you can buy small *50p size Trackers" designed to track your car with a mobile phone .I was wondering if this would help with the above problem .Has anyone else tried this ? Bob
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