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  1. Pelican/Hardigg Storm iM2075 Case with foam presently £83 on E Bay UK
  2. I am interested in Reading Jeff' Bigler's article but can not open the site in here the UK .Is their another way I can see it Thanks Bob
  3. I hope you will bring it with you for a demonstration Well done Dave
  4. Thanks Simon .I have been practicing on and off since Christmas this technique and I am not very good at it .I play Anglo so what I have to do is re-learn the route my fingers take across the keys .I use the rolls mostly on the G buttons push and pull and occasionally on others .Two tunes i have applied this to is ,"Bear Dance "and "Irish Washer Woman" of course only playing the melody .How have other Anglo players got on with it ? Bob
  5. Selling my Dipper G/D .36 Button Wheatstone layout, Nice Sound and base .End plates show Hunting Scene .8 Fold Bellows.Nice Boxwood inlays .PM me for further details .Bob
  6. Can any tell me where I can get an Entry Form for this event ?
  7. I taught myself to play with Mick Bramich's book as guide .I then found the best thing for progress was to go to session and learn to play with other instruments..The way to get better is to play as much as you can I only started in 2004 but today feel I can play in Sessions .play for Dance and Sing and play.The one thing I always do is practice as much as I can and read concertina publications for extra technique .Good Luck its a wonderful instrument .Bob
  8. I will need another lifetime to learn to play my Anglo like some players II have just found the joy of playing my C/G in the key of F .It also suits my singing voice ! Is there other non row keys that should visit ?Bob
  9. I have thought many times to play another system or an additional instrument .Then I thought better of it All the time I spend learning a new instrument could be better spent improving my Anglo playing but then I need it.Bob
  10. I started playing on a Hohner 36 button that had accordion reeds .Bob
  11. I always play standing for Morris and when not in a procession I use a small foldable footrest that the guitarists tend to use ..Bob
  12. Thanks for all your input .Yes I will have to listen to the Key being played to find the Tonic .What I was doing was looking at the finger patterns the guitar player was using as my guide..The easy key for a guitar is E not so good for a C/G concertina .My friends who play guitar often sympathise and play in a more compatible key which is fine..My example with which I started was the guitar playing in D and then capo two frets making obviously the cords of E .Often though and again for example they move one fret making say D to D# major or G to G#major and so on.Like most of you I love playing music .I have fewer problems Playing for Morris ,Cornish Dance .Folk songs or Irish Style. If I get into a pub session often when I am playing there will be a call for the concertina to "Take the tune and improvise" I don't find that easy and sometimes have to decline the invitation more practice required ----I think I will need another lifetime to complete my education on the concertina. PS Let me know when you are in PZ Dick . Bob
  13. I am not very good at playing along with guitar players of which there are so many. I have been playing U Tube videos and trying to accompany the songs .Its all ok until the Guitar player uses their Capo .For example I watch their hand position to see which cord they use ,so if say they are fingering the D Cord I am ok until they capo up two semitones or more which make cording on the Anglo more difficult.
  14. This site has given me so much learning and information .Thanks and may it long continue.Bob
  15. Hi Jody Good Idea. I will PM you nearer the date ,Thanks Bob
  16. I often see these concertinas for sale I know they are cheep but ignoring that .How do they play ? One note at a time or in octaves are they a different note push and pull .
  17. Thanks Jody didn't want to miss your playing .Looks like Bodmin is my nearest. Bob
  18. Can you Jodey or any one that knows give me a list of Folk Cluib dates for this November .Thanks Bob
  19. Are there any tunes people like to play on the C/G with a good harmony ? Bob
  20. Hi Gary Nice looking concertina .How do you find the sound compared to the C/G you usually play .I guess its not handmade reeds you have .Bob
  21. shared a.docxshared 25 August at 15:40 · Jankoen de Haan 21 August at 01:31 My bandoneon got stolen As many eyes needed to try to find it back On 20 august 2018 at 23:17 my bandoneon was brutally stolen at Toulouse airport, France. I’m hoping to find it back with the help, eyes and ears of my facebook friends and connections. Its a matte black chromatic instrument build by bandonionfabrik.de and is branded “AA". It is about 10 years old. The instrument can easily be recognised by the blanc tape used to fix the valve to the valve wire (not shown on picture). Please let me know if you see it somewhere, in real or online, if someone offers you an instrument like the one pictured. It was stolen in a black bandoneon bag, with a shoulder strap and backpack straps branded “Percufund". Any help is greatly appreciated. I know its not a Concertina but its theft of a similar instrument if we can help . I don't have an address but I can contact him on Facebook Bob
  22. I am travelling on Ryan air with just cabin baggage Will they allow me to take my concertina .I would rather ask here than the Airline as they are so funny about extras.Bob
  23. Wow that was good and only 3 months in !
  24. Can anyone tell me which microphone to get to enable me to record music to put on this site .ie( a mic for my PC ) Bob
  25. For what its worth I will say this ." Many pubs offer live music but many times it is a singer with a guitar ." If as in my case you are looking for (sessions to join in )its best to ask locals or look on line .Bob
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