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  1. Thank for the info Now on the Road Bob
  2. Hi ALL I am looking for a Open Pub Session in the Durham Area and also in Galloway / Dumfries area .On tour .ATB Bob
  3. Hi All Can any one tell me ? When I ask the seller on E bay a question.Is it up to the seller to decide if that question appears for all to see? I recently ask if I could view a Lachenal advertised to be here in Cornwall but was told ,"I just wan't a straight auction".The question never appeared . ATB Bob
  4. Hi All Can anyone tell me what rate to expect on a concertina sent from Canada to the UK ATB Bob
  5. Hi ALL I am interested in this concertina but cant get to Cambridge to see it .Does anyone have any information or experience of this concertina? ATB Bob
  6. Can you tell me what the keyboard layout is ie Jefferies or Wheatstone thanks Bob
  7. Kelteglow

    E Bay

    Advertised on E Bay Early Lachenal 30 Button.The Seller has given his location as Cornish Riviera.I ask to see it as thats where I live but he refused saying ,he is never in.The question so far has not been posted on E Bay.What do you think? ATB Bob
  8. Music plays well on my Window Media Player Could'nt hear the foot tap though ATB Bob
  9. I sometimes have problems reproducing a tune I know well at sessions.I can start the tune but offten loose the thread when other players join in.Is it because I can't here what I am playing or that I then change from leading the tune to following the other players.Sorry it's a bit deep.I would be interested to know other players theory's. All the best Bob.
  10. Hi I am not interested in the signatures ,Can you tell me what the key board layout is ie Jefferies or lachenal and what the extra four (two keys 30 +2) notes are .All the best Bob
  11. Are you interested in a new concertina or a vintage concertina? Steel reeded versus accordion reeded insrument? Wheatstone, Crabb, Dipper, Wakker, Jeff Thomas, Hohner, Stagi, Suttner or new builders' concertinas? Do you want to buy one from a concertina maker and place your name on a 3 to 6 year waiting list or buy an available one immediately from a member of this forum? Hi Ben I am already on a waiting list .I would like to be able to play before I buy.I would like a vintage concertina or one from a reputable maker .My AC Norman is Brilliant but I need moe buttons .Allthe best Bob
  12. HI All I presentley pllay a 32 Key Andrew Norman anglow. I would like to buy a G/C anglo with 36 keys or more . Contact R.Glanville@talktalk.net
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