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  1. Hi Noviceanglo.No I am not selling a my G/D I was looking for a Bb/F and have now bought one.My G/D is an Edgley 30 button which i am very pleased with If you ever get the chance try his concertinas they are brilliant.Bob

  2. Hi Howard thanks for your reply to my post on playing in F on a C/G.I am travelling up to Colwyn Bay from Penzance .Is it possible for us to meet up and discuss how you play .Bob Glanville

  3. Bob Glanville Penzanze UK .I play Anglo C/G and D/G. I play for The Golowan Band ,Tros and Treys ( Cornish Dance).Just started playing for a Morris team.I like to play and sing in the local folk scene.

  4. R.Glanville@talktalk.net

  5. Hi Mike trying to make contact Bob R>Glanville@talktalk.net

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